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Update producing dropped frames

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Hi all


I've looked around to find where to put this, so if it's not correct I apologise.


I stream this game quite a bit on Twitch through StreamlabsOBS and I've never had issue, up till the most recent patch.


Since then I now get anything between 20-50% dropped frames, making the stream stutter and eventually just stop.


I've tried several different games (ESO, AC Odyssey, Division 2) and none make this happen, only WoWS.


Is this issue known about and if so, any fix?


It's worth noting:

  • My system is more than capable, no issues hardware or software wise, otherwise I'd notice it streaming other games.
  • Internet is fine - download, upload and ping all fine.
  • FPS and ping in game is absolutely spot on.


Anyone else getting this?

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