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[COMFY] – Secret Society BLANKET is now recruiting!

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Hello and welcome to our Comfy clan!



Spots open 41/50






About our Clan:


          COMFY is an international community of anime-enthusiast World of Warships players that takes its theme from the Yuru Camp anime. The clan was established after the 4th clan battle season and consists mostly of veteran players from various clans with experience since the first clan battle season. We also take part in the Kings of the Sea tournament. With an emphasis on fun and a comfy lifestyle, we still take an organised approach to competitive clan activities. We regularly play clan wars and in our debut clan war season together we achieved a Typhoon league rating and now we seek more members!


Our Requirements:

·         Basic understanding of English because we communicate in this language.

·         Being active in game.

·         Love for anime <3

·         We appreciate players who are polite and open minded.


            If you are a new or experienced player who enjoys anime and would like a community that is simple to enjoy but offers all the benefits of a competitive clan then COMFY may be the place for you.


What We Offer:

·        Friendly atmosphere and lots of fun.

·        Members who actively division with each other.

·        An organised and competitive team (more clan battle details below!).

·        Friendly and active clan leadership.

·        Knowledgeable members who can help you learn.

·        Anime discussions - lots of it :3

·        Plethora or different channels on our discord. From hobbies like air soft to video games and music.

·        Clan events and much, much more.


Clan Battles with COMFY:

·         We fully schedule clan battles seasons and endeavour to help all our members take part and earn rewards where possible.

·         You must be willing to join us in voice chat to participate. A microphone is not necessary, but preferred.


SPECIAL: Feel free to ask anyone of us if you simply want to join our community. We watch anime and play different games such as War Thunder, Escape from Tarkov, Azur Lane, Granblue fantasy and much, much more.




How to Apply:

            Contact @ImperialAdmiral, FallenDreamz, KonKonCode, MexPlay1337 or our Commanders KuroPon and @Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu either via forum message or via discord;

·         ImperialAdmiral#7688 (Deputy ImperialAdmiral) - forum, discord

·         Kuro#9150 (Commander KuroPon) - discord

·        Benser#0844 (Deputy Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu) - forum, discord

·        Niqht#6740 (Recruiter FallenDreamz) - discord

·        CodePhantom#0525 (Recruiter KonKonCode) - discord

·         MexPlay#0157 (Recruiter MexPlay1337) - discord




Mystery, fun and adventure awaits!








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1,643 posts
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Glory to our clan. We are proud of the community we build together and people that are part of it. Come join and become one of us.


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1,643 posts
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36 minutes ago, dark6799 said:


Care to share your discord here :)

Invite only if you want to join clan ;)




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