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Armada: Roma

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Real guide to Roma:

1) buy few pixels for AAA game title price tag

2) outfit it 

3) hit Battle! button

4) get raped in T10 MM 

5) get raped by CV

6) if you accidentaly survive 4) and 5) miss 80% of your shells due to terrible dispersion, the remaining 20% will overpen

7) cry into your pillow because you fell for classic WeeGee trap

8) ???

9) never play Roma again

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So, the Sov.Soy. gets a 20 minute Naval Legends dedicated to it... And the Roma (which was actually constructed, and served (albeit briefly)) a crammed 90 second Armada video...



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(aka badly implemented design...)

Armor Scheme


65 400 hitpoints

Roma armor holds up really well when angled but so does Tirpitz/Bismarck sisters, Lenin and Vladivostok and even Amagi.

Where she falls apart is when you show the broadside...

The citadel is MASSIVE and extends high above the waterline, any broadside in the ship is ill advised.

Also, magazine is modeled as part of the citadel so you get a nice rounded citadel front that is asking to receive massive punishing to any ship that manages to pen 130mm of extended belt armor in front of it (this happened to me multiple times)

She also shares the same problem as German BBs with having enough armor to arm AP bombs but not enough to bounce them.

Least she got somewhat decent torpedo protection.




Are only 380mm with 30 second reload

Shells have very little air drag and are really fast... and that makes quite a lot of problems...

She OVERPENS everything, shooting cruiser at 15km? Have some overpens (if you manage to hit him at all)

She uses same dispersion formula as German ships, and it's horrible with high velocity guns. It's not uncommon to shoot at BB that's 10km away from you and land only a single shell (bonus point if it's an overpen)

Not to mention she got only a modest range of 18km.


AA Defense


Roma won't get any praising points from me in this sector either.

Her maximum AA range is 4.6km, that is so pitiful it's laughable.

Torpedo bombers can already launch a strike group before they enter your AA range and AP bombers don't give her easy time either.

We're talking about reliable AP bomb DMG for any CV player that is against you, she's desperately bad against planes and that holds her back quite a lot in current meta.

Least she got enough armor to hold back Rocket planes.




She's capable of 30kts

Turning radius is 810 meters

Rudder shift is ticked at 15.6 seconds




I wasn't aiming on full review, and I'm not gonna play anything on you.

I don't say she is a garbage ship, not at all but in current META full of CV or Double CV games, she's frustrating to play.


After 118 battles in Roma I must regretfully say that I don't recommend this ship to anyone who wishes not to tear his hair out after most of the games or novice players.

(She's nice to look at tho so she can be use as a port queen...)

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WG Staff
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Roma is nice and gorgeous. I love her. Actually, she's my favourite ship after Yamato... But sadly, not ingame. 

She shines when she is thrown in T6-8 MM. She tanks well at this tier, and she can go in ranges where her shotguns can try and hit something. But, this MM happens like, 30% of the time. The whole other 70%, you're a cannon fodder for TX ships that have more range, more pen, more armor, and better accuracy. A ship that beautiful and gracious attracts way too much attention there. 

I would love to love her. But right now, she's totally NOT WORTH  the 40 bucks, compared to other prem ships. (Actually, I wonder if I would want to pay for any T8 premium with the MM in this state) 

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Totally agree with Okitank.

I bought her and I regret to have spent my money on it. 

Point is very simple. Roma is a classic BB. No gimmick. It relies only on its MAIN armament cause secondary and AA are below average at best. To make it worst since WG has NERFED the captain skill of concelmeant on all BB , now she is no more stealthy like it used to be. 

The most frustrating thing is to get in the right position, aiming correctly and watching your 9 shells Flying all around the "easy" target ! 

Yes sometime RNG loves you and you do well, but most of the time I have to close my eyes and take a breath to avoid punching my keyboard in total frustration.


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Bought her with the 30% coupon a few days ago, fully expecting what I got (so, I'm not going to ask for pity). Imo, ship isn't utterly terrible, but...

  • it's strengths rely more on the ability to tank than on being able to reliably dish out. Noone rewards you for 2-3 million potential damage. If you manage to pad yourself on the shoulder for a job well done and are happy with it, sure, this can be forgiven.
  • The offensive side is a weirdo mixture of having so much pen, yet so little range. Roma will pen whatever it hits and doesn't bounce. Shatters don't happen. In reality though, most of the shell hits will be overpens and a few every now and then will be citadels, with the weirdest shots. The lack of consistency though means you cannot rely on it and basically you can be positively surprised when it happens. At range, you might at times be surprised by how brutal the guns can be if they hit, but given Roma has such short maximum range and terrible dispersion at range, that won't matter often.
  • The AA is a joke. Ignore that this ship has any. In CV meta, you basically really just have to hug the nearest AA ship or get really creative. I'd also not recommend the fighter, because its only 3 planes that don't prevent the CV from killing you and the spotter is more useful to cope with the underwhelming range.

Overall, I would call the ship at best decent if there wasn't a CV in every game, but as it is, this is likely the most out of meta T8 BB there is and buying it is basically asking to be frustrated. Personally, I do get my laughs out of this ship the same way I get them out of Yukikaze (similar ship that utterly fails to conform to the meta of the game), but not worth a recommendation. There's way better ships to be had for less money.

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It's the ship that can get a huge beer-can on top of it. (if you buy the wrong camo, hahaha) 

That says about all.
Always wondered who on earth would spend overpriced beer-can camo.... :dance_turtle:

Please before buying it... I hope you did read these replies above. 
I hardly feel the urge to take her out.... anymore.
Sadly, because she's a real beauty. As many Italian ships.
Love the looks, had epic battles in it. but WG seems to hate German, Italian and Japanese tech-tree,...


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Personnaly I cry everytime I play with the Roma. I'm happy to have this ship cause it looks gorgeous ! My favorite ship in term of design. 

But PLEASE Wargaming PLEASE buff his precision. No need to make it op but at least make it OK to play.

I've saw on forums that the dispersion troll and sometimes it hit very great but for me the dispersion only troll. I never got good shots.


For the moment and until there's no buff of this ship I won't play it anymore and I invite all people who don't have it to NOT BUY IT !



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Beta Tester
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The worst Ship ever !!!! Ship don't have nothing good on him !!!! Roma need and baging for Buff immediately !!! Don't Trow, Waste your money on this ship!! Boycott !!! 

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