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that is not an answer

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Hello there, 

You have already existing topics sto discuss rework.  You may also Check 8.4 and ahead plans from WG for Carriers.



this is not an answer the changes that were announced are not an answer to what they are going to do to stop carriers ruining peoples fun, just had a tier 10 game in zao Deff AA running and 1/2 health gone in 1 strike from midway HE bombs. this is not fun and I want to know what are WG going to do about it?

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So if i feel that if zao keeps on burning my BBs and do too much HE damage, which interferes with my fun, should i start a topic every hour crapping on it.


You guys should go get a life if you cant accept it. There is always someone not having fun. You think ppl enjoy getting damaged by you? Are you guys that *edit*? Or its perfectly fine too have double standards? 


Nevermind i guess its double standards. You guys want to be able to do damage to anything but when there is another class that is abit special you guys cry foul. Maybe nerf dd concealment next so that they cant stealth torp. Damm unfair getting torped by something you cant see. Its a problem that needs to be addressed.



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Topic locked. You have already posted this topic before and it has been locked before, do NOT keep posting the same topic it is spam and against forum rules. This also belongs in the CV rework discussion thread, I suggest you head over there.




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