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Implacable - TB - Barracuda MKV vs Spearfish

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I am grinding my way through the Implacable and finally RN DB are doing something good with 8 bombs per drop instead of the 6 from previous tier, so my upgrade path started with rockets, bombs and now I can´t decide if planes or hull shall be next and I shall tell you why. It feels more like an side-grade rather than an direct upgrade even if we get better planes (+8 kts and +96 hp) and the torpedoes are going from Mark VII to Mark XV keep the same damage, amount per attack run, speed, flooding chance but WORSE arming distance (+36 m) and restoration time (+10 sec). What went wrong here?! I would love to go from 8 planes (4 x 2 drops) to Lexingtons 9 planes (3 x 3 drops) and feel the difference, but can anyone tell me if you can notice this upgrade while playing or shall I just go for the hull and better AA?

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