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Upcoming CV changes: Opions/suggestions

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8.4 will bring some changes to CV's to balance out how they counter DD's


A delay in deploying aircraft at the start of the battle: 

I'm totally fine with this, as long as they do not persist with the 'spot 8 enemies' [edited] missions then its fine


A change in how DB's impacted DD play

Again, I am totally fine with this as well. DB's reliably wrecking DD's makes for poor gameplay all round


The latter will no doubt upset a few CV players (those who use IJN CV's for instance) who will now see this as their very obvious Achilles heal. Japanese attack planes are notoriously flimsy and their rockets are laughably bad.


So, to keep the gameplay fair all around, would it be better to reduce the aim time of the attack plane but also reduce their damage? Or leave it as it is and keep the IJN tree as purely a Torpedo bomber focused one?


What are your views on it please?

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Delay = Good thing by far.  It Took away any sense of stealth right from the bat.  WG should have done this one when the re-work first came out, clowns.  Wont change damage output hardly.


Impacted dd = Good thing, they wont die as quickly or get spotted as quickly.  Do we think a CV's job in RL is to meaninglessly kill the smallest ships in the game? I think not.. Also makes AA DD's (Kidd/Gro) a bit more survivable and useful AA wise. 


What i don't like is the constant increased skill gap.  Apparently this re-work was all about this bla bla bla....


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IJN doesn't receive any changes to their DB's, since those are AP bombers. So I don't understand how the changes are influencing IJN CVs in particular...

Overall the changes are meh, rockets still do an easy shitload of damage to DDs, whether that is before the 18 minute mark or before the 17 minute mark doesn't really change much...
Mostly looking forward to point 6, but still waiting for other improvements.

The link for those that missed it:







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