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[BLUMR] Blue Mermaids & [HAIFU] Recruiting new members!

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About the clan community: 


We are a laid back clan community inspired by the naval organisation from the 2016 anime Haifuri/High School Fleet.

Even though we are inspired by an anime, we welcome members of the community who don't mind or care about anime as long as you aren't bothered by it.

If you are looking for a clan that does Clan Battles or you just want to division, then you are at the right place.

We would love if you want to play Clan Battles with us.

Our friendly clan community expands outside the game as well, often playing other games with each other and having a few anime-related side activities that you can join.


Our community consist of 3 clans at the moment:

The main clan: [BLUMR] Blue Mermaids

The more competitive side of the community, we play clan battles since the first season. 

Season 1: Typhoon

Season 2: Typhoon

Season 3: Storm 1

Season 4: Typhoon 1

Season 5: Typhoon 3




The second clan: [HAIFU] -Haifuri- Yokosuka Marine High School

For those who aren't too much into competitive, but want to be in the community. 




In terms of clan structure we offer:











Rules | Requirements for [BLUMR]


- Be polite to both clan members and non clan members  
- Don't break any rules set out by WG
- Join our Discord server
- Have a basic understanding of the English language

- A working microphone is required to take part in Clan Battles
- At least one competitive ship at T10

- A minimum of 50% recent winrate

Even if you're not sure you fit in the requirement, feel free to ask any of the staff and exceptions might be made - or check our other clans. 


Rules | Requirements for [HAIFU]


- Be polite to both clan members and non clan members  
- Don't break any rules set out by WG
- Have a basic understanding of the English language
- Join our Discord server
- Atleast one regular ship of Tier 6 or higher
- A minimum of 400 Battles



What should I do if I'm interested?


Join our Discord server and talk to us there! After getting access, a bot will inform you of the rules. Make sure to read them!

Discord invite link

Otherwise, send a message to our staff in the forum or in game:

[BLUMR] Staff


Watch_Symphogear_G_DESS - Commander of [BLUMR] and the community
Watch_Symphogear - Deputy Commander of [BLUMR]

Bill_Nye_The_Statpad_Guy - Deputy Commander of [BLUMR] currently inactive

ZooeysThighs - Deputy Commander and former Commander of [BLUMR]

Watch_Symphogear_GX - Recruiter of [BLUMR]
Hoplipop - Recruiter of [BLUMR]
Waifuhunter - Recruiter of [BLUMR]

I swear we're an Haifuri-based community...


[HAIFU] Staff


toastbrot995 - Commander of [HAIFU]
Ar_Es_Two_Thousand - Deputy Commander of  [HAIFU] 

Centurion_1711 - Recruiter of [HAIFU]

IJN_Kitakami - Recruiter of [HAIFU] currently inactive



Member Status: 




Always have fun, good luck and fair seas!










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