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Looking for Help - finding the UI position of a picture

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Hello guys,


With the patch 0.8.3 WG changed the position of the small yellow bar indication an unique commander from the top right to the bottom right corner of the ingame portrait.


Examples (pics from my commanders mod)


pre-0.8.3 (old)




post- (new)






I really like the old version much more, because it was much more distinguishably. So I want to change the appearance.


But how?!


The file (icon_crew_unique.png) is located in the subfolder .../gui/crew_commander/. The really problem is, I do not how where the parameters are located that define the position of that specific UI element. Please help me, fellow modders. There are alot of xml-files in the subfolder .../gui/unbound/. But there are 17 (!) files including the mentioned file:




So, are that enough hints for a more capable modder then me tp help me?

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It's in    gui\crew_commander\icon_crew_unique.png


Oups sorry i missed the "position" part. I ll check it and i ll get back.




Found it.

It's in dock.xml


    <block className="UniqueCrewIcon">
        <bind name="tooltip" value="'MultiParagraphHelpTooltip'; {    _tooltipHeader: 'IDS_UNIQUE_CREW',
                                                    _multiParagraphArray: [{_paragraphText: 'IDS_UNIQUE_CREW_DESCRIPTION'}],
                                                    _width: 300 }"/>
            <width value="41px"/>
            <height value="41px"/>
        <bind name="style" value="'backgroundImage'; 'url:../crew_commander/icon_crew_unique.png'"/>

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