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(TDOG) To Death Or Glory, are recruiting.

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To Death Or Glory [TDOG] is Recruiting
We accept anyone over 18+ Relaxed mature gamers, we don't care about stats or any previous experience as we all learn the more we play, English speakers from all parts of the EU.
We do a mix of Divisions and some Operations and are looking to start getting into Clan Battles
Nothing serious just to earn a bit of steel and fun!

Obviously. If your wanting to do clan battles you need to have a tier 8 ship or were close to it (so you can grab the rental clan battle ships) or own Tier 10's yourself.
For Operations, well, any ships that meet operations requirements (Generally thats Tier 6, 7 or 8 dependant on the Operation.)

We do have clan bonus's (extra coal etc) and expanding it!
We have our own Discord Voice Comms server. Link is here ---> https://discord.gg/TKxrpDP

We don't have any specific log on times as Life/Work/Family can always intervene. (Obviously Clan battles have specific timeslots)

We do play a mixture other games too.

So if your looking to start clan battles or to play in a division more regularly then join our discord now

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