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My input on fixing the current issues with AA and CV

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Let me preface this post by saying that some idea's presented here have been voiced by other, more influential members of the WoWS community. That said, just because they've said them doesn't mean I can't voice them myself. I've also added my own ideas to theirs to make them more refined in my opinion.


Now, onto the meat and potatoes of the discussion. As we know the interaction between ships and carriers is hit and miss. Some games you can do ok, others its enough to make you want to rage quit. So my thoughts on how to maybe level the playing field are as follows. I'm not a programmer, and don't have any knowledge on how easy/difficult this would be to actually implement, i'm just thinking out loud here.


1 - Make CV's actually have a reason to square up to one another. At the moment each CV focuses solely on doing as much damage as possible. They may do a little spotting at the start to get an idea where the biggest threats are, but after that they do what they please to further their own personal damage score. The spotting that comes from that is a happy bonus and not intentional in my view. So, make the fighter aircraft consumable unlimited use, but maybe increase the cooldown slightly to offset this. iChase suggested and I agree that the rocket aircraft should be the only squadron to have the fighters. The fighters also should not be able to spot and should be purely for defensive purposes (which will give DD's a fighting chance). That way if the CV player is so inclined he can dedicate his game to purely countering the enemy CV's moves and forcing a confrontation and taking the heat off the rest of his team. Because of this a system of rewarding this kind of play would need to be thought of to make it worth while to compensate for the lack of damage / kills you would inevitably have. My thought is to give XP for each plane shot down. In addition an algorithm could be implemented that checks if those fighters were in support of friendly ships and add additional XP. The amount of XP would need to be tested and tweaked.  


2 - I personally think a change should be made as to what aircraft can actually spot. For example, because generally the rocket squadrons are the quickest they should be able to spot targets for the entire team (maybe with a short delay as with radar - that may be implemented already, i'm not sure). Torpedo and dive bombers only spot for the CV player, or can spot for the entire team but the delay is twice as long between spotting, and it showing for the team. I admit some testing may be required to see which idea is best and if it would actually be viable in terms of gameplay.


3 - This has been mentioned by numerous CC's and influential community members - DefAA on all cruisers with unlimited charges but again with extended cooldown. The idea of refining the reinforcement system by iChase I especially liked. For those unaware he suggested sectors that you select when you hit DefAA thus making some areas flak heavy which melt aircraft, while neglecting others. If the CV player is smart he could dodge this no fly zone and attack from a weaker sector, if not his planes are toast. For CV's they could DefAA bait that you used to see pre-rework if I understand his concept correctly. My addition to this idea would be similar to the fighters. Encourage ships to actually support, and work as a team by adding a checking algorithm. It would work as follows; You have 2 ships. For the sake of argument 1 Worcester, and 1 Shima. The AA on these ships are opposite ends of the spectrum as we all know. If the Worcester is in AA range of the shima, and the shima is attacked by a CV the Worcesters AA would open up. Now the check would look at the aircraft being used and the target. It would then look at what AA is shooting at the planes. Based off this information it could then make a determination as to if the attack would have been successful or not had the Worcester not been present. If it would have, the Worcester gets the extra XP as he defended a team mate. If it wasn't maybe due to the AA of the target ship being able to handle the attack by itself, the Worcester doesn't get anything. If 2 AA cruisers bunch up and overlap their fire I think the XP bonus could still apply but not to the same degree to encourage them to space out and defend lesser defended ships. Again, this would need to be tested and tweaked to get a good balance. 


4 - A short delay between the launching of squadrons for CV's. At the moment It's just too quick and doesn't give the enemy team time to reposition or try to throw the CV off their trail. Maybe 15-20 second delay between pressing F and launching new planes? It would give defending players time to regroup and maybe get support from team mates if some are close by. The length of time would need to be looked at to strike a good balance between the CV's experience and the experience of the targets he's attacking. EDIT: I've just read the dev blog about the delay at the start of games for CV's. So it can be done! 


Well that's my view on the current CV/AA crisis that is gripping the community. You may not agree with the ideas i've presented, but I think we can all agree the current state of affairs is untenable and players are leaving the game because of it so something needs to be done.


Thanks for reading!







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