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Captain development progression statistics personal experience

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Fellow players, as an Excel Nerd I keep some statistics, due to workload it has been far and far more distant, intervals, I prefer to play instead.

But when I reached the 20000 random solo mark two days ago, I thought it would be interesting. Apart from ship stats there is my experience with captain development.


You can look at me as a sort of warning example but also that it is never too late to learn from them.

As a collector I keep every ship, meaning starting new captains on every ship (1st mistake). Now I have moved captains  more,. With the accumulation of elite XP points and free event captains , 10p captains in bundles, it is a today however less necessary to move to start at the minimum 10 p level on new ships. As which captains to move (if you are a collector) identify ships at low/mid tier that are OP/less dependant on captain skills both premium and/or silver for the various nations to play. I have f.e. made several captains from Ishizuchi, Duguay Troin and have you guessed it Giulio Cesare (+ some others). As soon as a captain is on 10 , I start a new, slow grind ofc, but the points of progression is optimized around 10 I think also skillwise with the CE at 10.


I seldom move higher, in case 14 is necessary for IFHE I grind points to increase after the captain have been moved. I try to plan to have a amount of elite Xp in reserve and anticipate future needs. Now with the French Dds and Russian BBs approaching I have 6 French DD captains on 10-11 and 7 Russian BBs at 10-12.  And 1,400 000 Elite XP as a minimum level. I am not extremely exstatic about the French DDs , they look fantastic, buit their upcoming playstyle without smoke is not necessarily my cup of tea so I will grind but not develop captains so much (above 10) more than which follows with the grind unless they surprise me positively. I am not also afraid to grind captains in coop should elite XP be depleted. I am now developing my 19 p at my T10 ships in coop a lot in the Legendary Module grind, it is a work almost so do not do this if you are not mentally prepared, but combined with the premium camo and first win bonus it is time efficient to do it on several at same time (f.e. a few games during breakfast before work). I progressed more or less in the beginning parallell so had suddenly several tier T10 ships in short order.


Now to my stats in number of captains, it is easy to see the incompetent management of captains early but it is possible to rectify, remember for you who has many, the collector style is in itself negative to captain development so for you that does not keep every ship you are automatically better off. I know that it has been many threads and polls about 19 p captains but no one? has showed the overall distribution. The numbers on 10 p have increased due to my internal goals on having at least 10 p on every ship nowadays have been shifted over time tiers lower and lower, so at first I started even at hig tiers with 3 p for 25 Gold, later at least 10 p on Tier 8 and above later gradually downwards towards 10 p from Tier 1.


The reserves have increased a lot when the CVs were removed so new captains there are not produced, I have 8 also in waiting for the "soon" to arrive Italian line.1376015316_captainnumbers20000.thumb.JPG.8e84393e2cd76d1a038d03a2c8925735.JPG


Table at 12000/15000/20000 random games  


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Hi all,


Thanks for this! :Smile_honoring:



Leo "Apollo11"



I always tend to have as much as possible of 19-Point captains because that is the best way to have "Elite Captain XP" which in turn can be used to accelerate progress of new captains towards the 19-Point goal...

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