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RTS CV vs. Action CV reworked in Scenarios. My 2cents

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Disclaimer: I have Furious as only T6 CV. Would be nice if any1 could share the NEW experience with Ranger and Ryujo. I sold all my CV for fxp.

Killer Whale easymode.150k- 200k dmg is doable. The tightening torps of Furious and it's Pre-nerfed flooding chance was doing of dmg. This Scenario I enjoy the most because it is chill. Sure, you will always have potatoes that can't understand the concept of time so the CV must always stay close to the objectives and cover up for 1 potato that can-, will not go for the finish line. Always be ready to kill yourselves to make up for the Half-team condition if you can't reach in time.

Defense of Naval Station Newport. This scenario is easy if not potato team. If your team goes potato; this scenario punish everybody with even more pain. With a decent team, you can still win even with the increasing hardmode made by,... crap dispersion RNG.
 You will have to Torp to make the speeding bow-on ships to divert their course, buying your team more time to pewpew before they enter the zone. It is better to focus on the targets closest than kill securing a 10% bot furthest away. Rapid fire CL should glance with a salvo at them.
The Izumo AA is painful, no plane will return and turning for the second attack run will probably fail.

Aegis is RNGfiesta. It can be Super easy, medium hard or Super hard. Why?
My problem nr 1:
 The enemy spawn is RNG. Have fun in your CV when suddenly this game throws a lot of Aoba and Myoko's on you. The concentrated AA aura will DPS you down and all your Climbing planes will fall. I wonder if they still trigger their DAAF?

Nr 2:

 I see CV going first and pre-spots (mostly the Ishizuchi if any) first wave. Your BOT DD will trigger its script to popsmoke and slowdown, when the enemy is still on route and have not even passed the mountain. Forcing your team to park in smoke (if not potato) further away with which hamper accurate DPS. This has now become the norm because a lot of CVs.

Nr 3: I see CV doing Nr2... With torp. Which means the Bots will Torpedobeat which they are good at if potato can't drop good in the first place! The biggest problem is not the Ego sundering of the potato CV. It is actually when it disrupts the enemy lemming train sailing straight, preventing Penetrating broadsides. This repeats for Wave 2. However, if team decides to rush Center or ololol detour South around an island mountain. They will be broadside to a bow-on Wave2. Forcing bow-on to turn is actually good. But really. It is only a good move made after bad move made by team when some should actually gone West to catch Wave2's broadside.



The general problem we all have is of course potatoes. However, I feel that CV at T6, at these scenarios, they are less powerful than the old RTS (cough cough 1/2/2 ryujo masterrace).
I see many CV in the queue, once 11 so I dropped and queued in BB/CL instead. Combining potatoes with these CV...I don't know if they are performing worse than auto dropping in old RTS. But 1 wish I did get granted:
all CVs are workable? It was herpaderp moment when people came in with 1/1/1independence( or even old 2/0/1). or 3/1/1 Ryujo. Haha remembered when T5 could join scenarios?

RTS carrier with less action with downtime. Now replaced with more action. Is it fun? Yesssno. Is it chill? Situational. Why is that?
 Because they are no longer powerful. Oh no, my (insert main class here) is now in a wheelchair! It has become harder to perform in reworked CV in these Scenarios when you face High tier scaling AA like Izumo,,, or let us take Myoko short range DPS of 419 vs 214 Aoba vs 85 Furutaka. Even the long-range constant DPS of a wave of screening ships is hurting and gravity taking down planes.

It feels like CV rework was only for Random Battles where you, scout, choose n' pick 'easy' targets, however, in scenarios:
There is no gain without pain when your only targets are a AA blob. All isolated targets or many with crap AA will be 'business' as usual for CV and it is when CV is actually fun------ in PVE. Getting out of reserve and letting your team down is not fun. Scraping the barrel with rocketplanes vs BBs for 1k chip dmg. Or hey, let's be smart and not risk your planes, be passive instead and get bashed by team for not being active. 

Would be actually a good idea to separate balance for PVP and PVE. Now it feels like it is just a side minigame game mode - oh, that door? you may enter the door, but you might regret stepping inside.
 It would be hilarious if CV cap was raised, to 3 like BBs to simulate an actual naval Air raid. What if in scenarios CV reserve was actually historical (larger, Only a bandage solution though)?

CV went from Alpha monster Like a Flying BB that went ahead and kill secured, reducing the number of Guns threating your team. to now an annoying mosquito to an enemy. Change my mind meme:

Now some flashback to the old days. Days when IJN torp have tightening-, vs USN spreading patterns. IJN highly accurate bombs but potato dmg in contrast to USN.
Let's start with the Aegis
Squad preparation and launch time, stack squad time took time. You never had the pre-spotting problem I mentioned. Sure if a DD decided to go Northwest, the BB would be spotted.
 it's doable even though RNG AA can wipe your squad (oh no- the fearmongering). You can always bait the enemy DAAF when you see Panic range, in these baiting, you maybe lose 1 plane in RNG, wait 40sec. Move in, you probably lose 1-3 planes in total when going in and pulling out. Have fighter squad scouting Torp paths so potatoes with half brain can not drown by flooding (Haha back when planes were actually good at spooting torpedoes.). 3 enemy CVs at this map forced people to mount DAAF. This scenario was farmable with a half decent team.

Killer whale
Ryujo 1/2/2 easymode with 200-300k dmg. Carry hard without breaking your back. Enemy CVs are easymode. Crossdrop to win the objectives if none of your team splits up when enemy reinforcement comes.

Raptor Rescue
Where the bots are buffed AF. They got camo, drug performance enhancing flags and captain perks like Fire preventions. Bait DAAF, Lockdown enemy fighter and keep your strike focused on CV to prevent more launch. because people can't torpedobeat autodropping AI. This scenario is farmable with a half decent team, the only wipe is 1-2 people are not head of raptor to deal with ambusing DDs that trops Raptor.

Defense of Naval Station Newport
Farmable with a decent team, not a half decent team. I would say, the more old T6 cleveland you had, the best HE DPS you had to deal with the rushing IJN ships. Enemy CV was annoying, it got the most annoying when you get punished by failure that a T7 carrier 2/2/2 spawned far back. Really hard to get a strike and sink it in 1 pass. In this punishment, it is better to leave the CV alone and lose a star, focus on win through timer. Because the Best attack is defense right?

The Ultimate Frontier
This is a no go for CV. You're facing USN AA ships,,, with AA perks. Not fun to lose planes in and out, a really bad scenario for a CV.


Edit: forgot Narnia scenario. It's bad for CV

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If you sold all your old CVs, why are you playing a new CV?

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23 hours ago, antean said:

If you sold all your old CVs, why are you playing a new CV?

New grind which I don't mind while I cash out with the fxp.
I had hopes that the New CVs (all CVs) would be good in Scenarios. 

If you have any more of such questions. Just PM me. 

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