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RN CVs - bombs speed bug

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Today we would like to clarify the situation related to British bombers that arose with the release of update 0.8.2. Some of you have noticed that with the new version, British bombs began to fall slower.

For example, at tier VIII, the time taken for bombs to fall increased by roughly one second.


We would like to thank all the players who reported the situation to us with replays and reports. Upon conducting our investigations it turned out that in version 0.8.1 British bombs fell with incorrect physics and the time of the fall was calculated incorrectly for the second and subsequent waves bombs. 


To illustrate the problem we have a short video where you can see the issue play out in slow motion. ( https://streamable.com/1xi9y ) – as you can see, the bombs that were released first fell much slower than all the subsequent ones.


The bug has been fixed in update 0.8.2 and at the moment the mechanics work correctly (all bombs fall at the same speed) and do not require additional changes.


We would also like to apologize for the fact that these changes were not specified in the 0.8.2 patch notes. The World of Warships team is responsible for informing the players about the issues and changes - this was an unfortunate exception, which was regrettable for us.


Thank you for your understanding and attention and good luck in battle!

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