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Was just watching a CC-stream...(about BB Balans)

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...his name was something like [edited]. Remember, he is CC. He call´s himself a BB main, but said he started of as a dd main. So far, so good. What really "stunned" me and got me going "WTF, what kind of crap is he talking, he isn´t a bb main but a bbaby!" was, he literally complained that he can´t take on 2 destroyers alone in his battleship (in a TX battle). He really complained about the BB AP on destroyers nerf! I mean, a unicum player with a solowinrate of +60%, calling himself a BB main, has no idea about rock/paper/scissors? If anything, Battleships in this game need even more nerfs. They are far too easy and too forgiving to play. This will become even more obvious with the arrival of the russian BB´s, they are far too good against destroyers (everything) at close range. 


Battleships should crap their pants when facing a destroyer, even more if they are alone versus 2 of them...sorry, but this really puzzled me. If WG is advised by players like this, demanding that they should be able to take on 2 destroyers in their battleship, and listens to them, it explains nearly everything about the state of batlleships and some of the changes since closed beta.


Sorry guys, don´t really know why I´m posting this, except for...WTF!?!?!? This explains o much...

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Emotions get the better of many players.

Logical, fact based thinking just shorts out.

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Please remember the forum rules. Like the rest of the playerbase, CCs are allowed to have their own opinion. If you don't share that opinion you're free to disagree and discuss in a constructive manner.


Also keep in mind, a player (no matter if CC or not) can demand quite a lot. It's up to WG to react to that or not.


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