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French premium CL proposal - T4 Jeanne d'Arc

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen,


I have returned once more to propose a ship for the consideration of the public and of course, wargaming.


Jeanne d'Arc



Right now that ship is the French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc, a schoolship of the Marine Nationale between 1930 and 1964. 




Commissioned in 1931, Jeanne d'Arc was based on the Duguay-Trouin class of cruisers but with her intended role taken into consideration during her design. Thus she retained the same main armament of the Duguay-Trouins, namely 8x 155mm guns in 4 twin turrets, two fore and two aft, however these turrets were larger in order to accommodate for the training role of the ship. The torpedo armament was reduced compared to the Duguay-Trouin, with a grand total of two single tubes, mounted one on each side. Her armament was rounded out by 4 single 75mm guns (in theory AA, but in practice used in ASu roles as well), two single breech-loading 37mm AA guns and four single 13.2mm AA MG's. Being a training ship, she wasn't especially well protected either, with a grand total of 20mm's of armour around her magazines and a 30mm-thick conning tower. She also had a fairly big superstructure, looking more like a cruise ship at first glance. She wasn't the fastest ship in the world with an intended speed of 25 knots, however on trials she managed to squeeze 27.8 kts out during a 3 hour run.

She had a rather uneventful career, being caught out by the armistice in Martinique, she was stuck there until disarmed in 1942. In 1943 she joined the Allies and was promptly rearmed. Her torpedo tubes were taken off, as well as her completely obsolete AA armament and in exchange she received a fairly hefty amount of light AA, namely 10 single Bofors guns and 22 single Oerlikon cannons. 

She stayed with the Marine Nationale until 1964, when she was sold for scrap.





In game

In light of her moderate characteristics, I am going to propose a few "game-mechanic-based" improvements. First off, characteristics:



  • Hit points (based on a displacement of 6'500 metric tons): 21'950 HP
  • Armour:
  • Belt: 20mm, basically just a thicker strip in the plating
  • Forward and rear citadel bulkhead: 10mm
  • Barbettes: 20mm box
    • Turrets:
      • Face: 30mm
      • Side: 30mm
      • Rear: 30mm
      • Top: 30mm
  • Main deck: 20mm
  • Plating: 13mm
  • Torpedo Damage Reduction: 4%
  • Damage control consumable: Standard cruiser DCP consumable
  • Hydroacoustic search: Standard cruiser hydro, can be equipped instead of defAA



  • Main battery: 155mm/50 Mle 1921
    • Layout: AB-XY
    • Range: 15,5 km
    • Rate of fire: 6 r/m/g (10 seconds reload)
    • Rate of train: 9 deg/s (20 seconds / 180 degrees)
    • Rate of elevation: 5 deg/s (~2 seconds from min to max elevation)
    • Dispersion: 135m
    • Sigma: 2.00
    • Ammunition:
      • AP: 155 mm AP OPFA Mle 1920
        • damage: 3300
        • muzzle velocity: 870 m/s
        • penetration (5,5-11-15,5 km) [mm]: 181,3 - 105 - 69,7
      • HE: 155 mm HE OEA Mle 1920
        • damage: 2200
        • muzzle velocity: 870 m/s
        • firechance: 11%
        • penetration: calibre/6
  • Secondary battery: 75 mm/50 Mle 1922
    • Layout: P1-2/S1-2
    • Range: 3 km
    • Rate of fire: 9 r/m/g (6,6 seconds reload)
    • Rate of train: 20 deg/s (9 seconds / 180 degrees)
    • Ammunition:
      • HE: 75 mm HE OEA Mle 1922
        • damage: 1100
        • muzzle velocity: 850 m/s
        • firechance: 5%
        • penetration: calibre/6


Anti Air

  • Medium-range Aura
    • 75 mm/50 Mle 1922
      • Number of mounts: 4x1
      • Range: 1,5 - 3,5 km
      • C-DPS: 26
      • No. of bursts: 1
      • Burst damage: 280
      • Hit probability: 77%
    • Bofors Mk 1/2:
      • Number of mounts: 10x1
      • Range: 1,5 - 3,5 km
      • C-DPS: 138
      • No. of bursts: 2
      • Burst damage: 420
      • Hit probability: 79%
  • Short range Aura:
    • Bofors Mk IX:
      • Number of mounts: 22x1
      • Range: 0,1 - 1,5 km
      • C-DPS: 328
      • Hit probability: 74%
  • Sector reinforcement: 25%
  • Sector reinforce and switch time: 10s
  • DefAA consumable:
    • +100% DPS and burst damage,
    • Charges: 1 (3),
    • Action time: 30s,
    • Reload time: 120s (90s)



  • Maximum speed: 27,8 kts (29,19 kts w/ flag)
  • Rudder shift time: 7 s
  • Turning radius: 700m
  • Speed boost consumable:
    • +20% speed (33,36 / 35,03 w/flag)
    • Charges: 2(4)
    • Action time: 180 seconds
    • Reload time: 120s (90s)




Surface detection range: 13,5 km

Air detection range: 6,5 km


So here we are. A somewhat slow, fragile, gun and AA-based cruiser that outdoes the Duguay in terms of gunnery and AA, but falls behind in speed (even with a boost) and hitting power, not having any torps at all.


I hope you like this proposal, feel free to discuss/suggest.


Here are a couple of pics of her





PS: I was planning on writing up Suffren and Colbert this evening, but it's 0400 already, so you'll have to wait a little for those two (both destined for T7)








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Give it some decent torps of 10 k range and the dakka dakka guns of of the Neptune, and we are good to go, talking of the Neptune (sorry to Hijack the thread) how do you play the floating citadel? 

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