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[TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

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Pravda Tsundora Kantai



[TSUN] is the competitive sisterclan of Pravda Kantai.

We are primarily an anime community trying to compete on the highest level while having fun doing so.



What we offer


  • A fun and friendly anime community 
  • Training Battles
  • Clan Battles
  • Skilled members
  • Random battle divisions
  • Individual training




  • We are an anime clan/community therefore its not suited for people who dislike anime.
  • Age 18+ (exceptions can be made)
  • Members must have a working microphone
  • Be able to communicate with other people in english 
  • The Pravda Community is quite large and has members with various ethnicities and religions. We dont tolerate racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination.
  • The use of Discord is mandatory
  • members need to be active
  • We are looking a players with with a minimum of
    • 53% win rate
    • ~45.000 average damage
    • ~1250 PR
    • 1500 Battles
    • exceptions can be made


In case you are interested or have questions feel free to ask one of our recruiters. (Nep_You_Up)

If you are not interest feel free to join our servers regardless.


Application form: https://forms.gle/1MkpEZo4tKbcpJU76


Our Discord server:   https://discord.gg/Q5j7zKN

Our Sisterclan's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/k3EeJZj


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Beta Tester, Players
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13,227 battles

Now with lowered requirements to give more people a chance to join

(we may or may not have free lewds as well)

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