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[MORIA] is looking for a few new players

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MORIA is looking for more players for divisions in Randoms and Clan Battles!


Although the current members are quite experienced at playing at high levels, having fun together is the paramount reason of why we are playing the game. Having said that, occasionally some emotional detonations can pop up but we try to keep it to a minimum and turn it into learning moments. We are looking for new players to have more opportunities to make divisions in Randoms and to field a CB team. 


What are we looking for;
-    Have Discord
-    Have a decent number of tier 10 ships in which you perform well
-    An average PR of at least 1,600 or getting close to it with an upgoing curve 
-    You take the game serious but with a healthy dose of humor
-    You can deal with constructive critism but you are also willing to voice your opinion
-    You would like to play Clan Battles but do not tend to fall in any hardcore traps


If you are interested, send me a message via the Forum or via Discord at Durin_VI#4790


Have fun!


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