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Looking for competitive clan

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Im looking for a clan, that plays clan wars and gets to (at least) typhoon league, in order to improve my cw skill, meet new friends and hopefully play in friendly atmosphere.

As for my expierience in wows i should just say i like anime.

If u r interested message me in game


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  • 58% overall WR

  • At least 3000 battles

  • Active both in game and on teamspeak regularly

  • 18+

  • Must have an assortment of tier 10 clan wars appropriate ships and be proficient in at least a few of them.


We are a hurricane clan right now and have reached at least typhoon 1 in every season of clan battles. To be on our clan wars team you must be actively playing with our members once you join the clan so that we know how you play and what place is best for you in clan wars.

We are mainly a casual clan as we do not have regular training sessions so it is more of a relaxed atmosphere; however we have a very well practised main team when it comes to clan wars.


So if you are looking for a very capable casual, friendly clan then this just might be the place for you. You can contact Mr_Snoww, or Killerbin34 in game or you can hop on our

TS: and wait for an officer to come to come and sort you out. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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All out there, looking to make a new choice in your gaming experiance,

OLEUM are at this point ,floating in a top atmosphere,

with a good bunch of experianced gamers,

goal and mindset is to be a fierce opponent in clan battles.

For that we gather in our clan only discord.

Flex in playing several T10 ships,

members find their role in ships and tasks.

We combine this with friendship and regular teamplay.

Therefor, we would like to meet you on voice comms,

Like to know what you look for in a clan and what we are looking for in members.

Followers and leaders make the clan, we have room for both.

Our goal is simple, next is Hurricane.

Sounds like you?

Contact us!


the above is our recruitment topic, the diverence between us and other competitive clans is that we dont ask of you to be online a few days a week, you dont have to be there every training or every day.

relax atmosphere with a good laugh.

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Hi MrBogi,


I've sent you an in-game message.


We're a typhoon league clan and play competitively. We are actively looking for a player with your stats to push us to the next level and hopefully achieve Hurrican league.


We have a training match next week against WGP2W if you want to come along?





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Seems like OP found a clan to join,

The topic will be locked.


Please don't hesitate to open a new one, If you want to look for a clan again.

Have a great day,

and say hello to guys at P2W,

See you on High seas!




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