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Crowns and Florins - RN CVs, cashing in or spending in arsenal? Doing the math for fun and profit.

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-> If you are planning to spent all your Crowns and Florins on RN CVs you can stop reading here.
-> If you just want credits for buying ships, modules, upgrades and consumables, go ahead and cash in your Florins for Credits. You can stop reading here.
-> If you want to buy signal flags and camos you're probably better off if you spend your Florins in the arsenal.


In detail
For those of you who haven't aren't going to spend all or any of your Crowns and Florins for the RN CVs this post offers you a hint how to get the most out of them.
There are several alternatives how to spend Crowns and Florins and with the next update all remaining Crowns will be converted to Florins - and then all Florins to Credits with the update after that one. Also you can exchange Florins for Credits in the Arsenal already. Since I wasn't going for the CVs myself I was wondering whether it was more profitable to spend my remaining Crowns (via conversion to Florins) for signals and camos in the arsenal or just cash them in for credits. So i did the math and compared how much signals and consumables my remaining Crowns (via exchange into Florins) would buy me in the arsenal compared to what the credits would buy me would i cash them in. 
Having spend all of the Florins I earned via daily missions and containers from the event already I have only Crowns remaining. These will be converted to Florins. And will be spent in the arsenal... Yay! Shopping frenzy XD

Here's an exemplary comparison how much sierra-mike signal flags you can buy directly with Florins vs. how much you can buy for the amount of credits you get for that same amount of Florins. Having already spend all my Florins I calculated for my remaining Crowns.


Exchange rates according to 'Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event' -> https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/fly-strike-win/#arsenal


       1 Crown 
 -->  8 Florins
 -->  32.000 Credits

  60 Florins = price in Florins for   5 sierra-mike
240 Florins = price in Florins for 20 sierra-mike


price in Credits for 20 sierra-mike                            = 2.400.000 Credits
price equivalent of 240 Florins for 20 sierra-mike =    960.000 Credits 


equivalent exchange rate Florins for 20 Sierra-Mike   <=>        960.000 Credits
equivalent exchange rate Credits for 20 Sierra-Mike   <=>    2.400.000 Credits
Conclusion: buying sierra-mike signal flags for Florins instead of spending the Credits you can/will get for your Florins will give you + 150% sierra-mike signal flags.

I didn't calculate it for all signal flags and camos since I was interested in only a few select items. But i encourage you to do the math yourself for whatever items you want to stock up on. Have fun :-)


Fair seas and good hunting everyone!


Last night I was supposed to write up something work related but got bored half way... so I wrote this post instead. First I planned to post this after the oncoming conversion of Crowns to Florins, for whatever reasons my sleep deprived brain had come up with. But then I thought 'what the heck'... if you got the hots for the British Carriers I won't change your mind and never intended to anyway. Go ahead and indulge yourself :-)
And if you don't care about the CVs but are now sitting on a heap of Crowns and Florins you've probably either already considered spending the Florins the Crowns will generate or the cash you'll get for the Florins or you just don't care.

Whatever... just in case you're wondering about the tense I used (and maybe didn't manage to correct all the way, half asleep now) and the occasional strikethrough.

I believe that information shared is a profit for all and i enjoy communicating what i consider potentially bringing fun and insight into life. That's the only reason for this post. No more - no less. ...umh... and maybe sleep deprivation XD. So I suggest considering this happenstance an event related discount. And if you're already drowning in credits, camos and signal flags... hey, fabulous. You're that good. Great ;-) HEAD* up. Thanks for reading.


*Hedonic Engineering And Development. Aum Bah! \m/ ;->#



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