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CV Trick - 4km Mountain Skillshot with little plane AA exposure

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Mountain skill shots work up to something like 10KM, the advantage is that your planes get little exposed to enemy AA fire.

I tried up to 20KM in random matches with the highest mountain maps, but somewhere at 12km, 14 or 16km ( not sure exactly at how many kilometers ), the rockets are rendered away by the server and just disappear. 8km mountain skill shots make the enemy freak out as they have the impression the rockets come from nowhere.


How to do it:

As you see an enemy behind a steep mountain, either from the side of a mountain or by looking at the enemy ship location on the minimap,

approach the highest point of the mountain and a certain time before reaching the highest point you activate the rockets.

As you fly over the mountain top the rocket aim reticule is now active for firing...The rocket reticule will drop down fast as you fly step down from the mountain, so it requires a certain amount of training to be good at mountain sniping.


I find its always a super fun extra challenge during matches.


The below video stands exemplary for 6, 8 or 10km mountain rocket skill shots. It pays far more off to target large BB ships.



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For me, this is more about the drop distance than the surprise effect. It works best on broadside BBs or cruisers, since their AA is a real threat in most cases. If you apply this strategy over more narrow islands / mountains, you will still come in flat and not from above and thus can release rockets from even more distance. In your case you were in AA aura already when you released the rockets as far as I can see.

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