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Naval Battle Ranking

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Regardless of how well your clan is doing getting stars, does anyone know how the ranking is worked out.

There is a distinct lack of information.


Does it take into account

1) how many active players or how many clan members you have.

If you have two clans with a result of 40 Stars, one clan has 20 members and the other 15 members, does the rank come out better for the clan with 15 members. When that clan may have 15 Active members and the clan with 20 may have only 10 active members.


2) how many attempts your clan made for stars gained

Or does it factor in how many attempts were used, if you have 2 clans each with 20 members (200 Attempts giving a potential of 200 stars), each clan then gains 20 stars but one clan uses 50 attempts and the other only 20 attempts. Does the clan using only 20 attempts get a higher rating?


3) what level of star you are obtaining (300, 900, 1500, 1550 etc)

Does it factor in the levels of XP being used to obtain the stars, so 10 stars all at 300 will equate to less ranking than 10 stars 5 at 300 and 5 at 900


4) Or even what tiers ships you are using, it is harder to get higher XP with lower tier ships. So does getting a 1600 star gain you more for a T6 than it does for a T10


Not that it matters that much, but I am curious as to what factors are taken into account, personally I think I would use the number of attempts against the number of stars gained and weight it using the XP level of the stars gained.


Does anyone know, or WG how about some insight please.

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