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CV's in clan battles

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8,826 battles

we have been trying this clan battles Cross Server 

And doing Clan Battles with Aircraft Carriers ??? why...we are still only aloud to have 7 ship in game...one CV and one BB ...but the CV is ruining all the fun doing the game ...the CV is overpowered by its spotting...so it is terrifying the game apart and the gamers, whom  before spend money in this game...Is now choosing  to spend their money in  otherwise games

Because your strong involvement with forcing CV in the game....only make your now having paying  gamers running away...

so is that the upcoming future for clan battles...CV in CB... Shall I tell my Clanmembers that WOWS is not going to be pleasent anymore to play

That I so understand that they will flee

I can only support them and give them right when this game is getting to damaged by all this CV...support that we will find other games to spend their money at

so keep on the AirCraft ..and you will loose a clan here :) 

anyone else have bad about all this forcing the CV's in the game ???

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