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[YURI] The purest form of love - Recruitment thread

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 [YURI] The purest form of love

              What are we looking for?

  • We seek players with a winrate of about 55%/ Players that are willing to improve themselves.
  • Decent English skills.
  • People that want to play in divisions and want to hangout with others.
  • Players with atleast one tier 10 ship.

Exceptions to the min stat requirements can be made.
You will need to be able to use Discord to communicate and keep up to date with clan related happenings.

Personal stats should be somewhere around the average clanstats


For the future we also seek competitive players for clan battles.

How to join?

Simply join discord and ask!

Discord invite link - https://discord.gg/Br2uFZS
Or PM me ingame.

this post might not look like much atm, but it's gonna get upgraded at some point down the line.                                                                                                          
We hope to sail with you in the near future!

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Joining this clan has made me see the light that is Yuri-ism. My stats have increased by 200% across the board and every hit i score is a citadel, even on destroyers.

 10/10 would join again.

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