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Idea for tournament "King of the Seals"

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Hello Captains, hello Staff,


when today i was having a peak into the King Of The Seas streams an idea came up:


The King Of The Seals Tournament. (working title)


KoTS and Shipstorm are addressed to higher tier players. Since there are probably a lot of people out there who like a competitive approach on occasion but haven't yet made their way into the higher echelons of competitive gaming...

Why not have a tournament basically like Shipstorm or/and KoTS but limited to players who haven't been playing WoWs for more than, say, a year. Ships allowed from tier IV-VI. 


The Name is a working title derived from the 'seal clubbing' meme but evolved from the perspective of a seal that clubs back hard );->


The spread from TIV to VI sponaneously seemed viable imo...  while a Minekaze /w a reasonably well trained captain (10-12 pt) can certainly wreak havoc in that environment - or go down hilariously if handled poorly - even an IFHE equipped Duguay-Trouin or a 13 pt. captain Shenyang could probably contribute more than a fair share against, say, a halfheartedly equipped/played TVI BB or CL, etc.


Players /w no more than a year (?) of experience so there's no actual 'seal clubbing'.


What are your thoughts on this? A mere brain fart due to an exhausting weekend or would this actually be something worthwhile pulling off? :Smile_hiding:


Since i'm not sure where to post this and don't want to spam one of the tournament related sections i'm putting it into 'off-topic' for now. If anyone likes the idea and has the experience and motivation to make something out of it, please feel free to pick it up.

I even might be willing to contribute some of my time organising - if the chemistry is right - and taking part in the actual tournament, of course.  (Having organised and contributed to organising smaller and larger 'rl events' in the past professionally... hey WG, i work freelance now XD ).


Oh, and if something like this already exists, nevermind, i've only been playing the game for a couple of months now myself, grinding my way up to TVIII (and passable in random up to TVI... TVII on good days ;-> ). So if i'm late withe the idea, just point me to where i can apply, please ;-)


Have a splendid time and good hunting everyone!

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