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Is WG Anti DD ii

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As expected, not a lot of constructive response, just the usual BS, and unsurprisingly very little stat wise, regardless of how wonderful or crap you are as a DD driver WGs latest updates have definitely  made life harder for DD players, at T7, you often meet T8 & T9's, where Radar is increasingly common, planes faster etc,etc,etc


Cv games are controlled by cv,'s quite often you'll see them hiding behind an island, not capping and usually the last ones alive, non CV matches are more fluid, and be honest; more fun;


Having driven Cv's myself and done fairly well in them, months ago, I only stopped playing them because of the pathetic sqn size and WG's inflexibility on aircraft types; If I could have equipped my RYUJO with fighters and Torp bombers i'd still be playing it now. 


Prior to the rework I bet if WG had asked all CV drivers if we doubled the planes in each sqn and let you choose which type of planes, would you be happy; the response  would've been overwhelming..

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