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Welcome our new Moderators!

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A while back we announced that we were looking for a new group of volunteer moderators to improve our overall forum moderation.


I am proud and happy to announce that the following players have joined our moderation program!



You will probably have seen them in action around the forum already!


All of them are fully dedicated to the World of Warships forum, but please keep in mind that they are players like you, who volunteer a share of their free time on making the forum a more warm and welcoming place, both for newcomers and veterans.


The forum rules have not changed.


Please send me a private message in case of any appeals for sanctions or about concerns regarding moderation in general.


If you think you've got what it takes, you can still apply! :cap_like:

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Glad to be a part of the team and help contribute to this forum! I am CptMinia, I've been playing the game since open beta so it has been a few years now. I got into the game due to my fondness of naval history in the military. I look forward to the future of this community, the game and seeing you folk in battle!


Thank you!



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Hello fellow captains,


I started to play this game a while back before taking a year break.

I admit I committed a sin and left this game for tonks!

But I am back since 2 years almost and very happy to be the part of this community!


I've started this game because of my love for Bismarck!

I read "Sunk the Bismarck" more than 10 times before I was out from primary!

My father was a Navy Commander / Helicopter pilot in the Turkish Navy.

I grew up in and around of the biggest navy base playing on and around of warships, submarines, helicopters and planes!

And as a last note, I am a professional sailor as well!


This was a match made in heaven!


Hope to see you in the high seas!


PS: Boris and me are the product of a new project called "Silentra!"

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Gulag komrad...erm Sir Conway!!!!

Yo, y'all know me already. Former troll gone rogue and now on good side. Without sanction for 9 months! Such sunshine.

No further introduction needed!


Jk aside..


I am Boris. I applied to be mod for two reasons: I am always online (almost always) and I love to moderate forums. This is not first or last such project for me.
I will be glad to assist you on and possible way, just drop me message.




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I've been playing the game since the very beginning and now I am trying to contribute in an effort to make it even better, starting with the community.


See you in battles!

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Hello captains! 


I will follow the others and introduce myself:


I have been playing World of Warships since the open beta. Most of the time I really enjoyed this game, which is why I decided to apply for the supertest in 2016 and as a moderator in early 2019. 


I was always reading the forum and I have to admit that I have seen a lot of insulting and swearing over the years. Luckily, this already got better and I would like to contribute to a further improvement of the atmosphere on the forum. 


I hope we will have a good time together!


Best Regards, 


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