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Guide to all operations/scenarios(

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Right, so i have aready seen lots of effing potatos who have virtually no idea what do they do then die 2mins in, and people who just simply throw a garrenteed win away cause they are not in the right place in the right time, and a apparent serious lack of guides detailing on how to beat them.


do please suggest improvements on the guides as well, since I’m not that good at remembering ship spawn positions.


Guides to operations in wows:


  1. General guidelines for all ops

T6 ops:

  1. defence of naval station newport
  2. killer whale
  3. agies
  4. raptor rescue(on hiatus)

t 7 ops:

  1. nari
  2. Ultimate frontier(on hiatus)

special ops:

  1. Hermes(on hiatus)
  2. cherry blossom(on hiatus)
  3. operation dynamo(on hiatus)


1. General guidelines for all ops:

Operations differ from PVP random battles as in you will only be fighting against bots, not humans. The bots however differ from the ones in co-op as the ones in co-op are powered by potatoOS while the bots in ops are powered by skynet’s younger brother, which means if you screw up or you are not up to standard, they will murder you.


Also unlike in co-op you often find yourself fighting at a numbers disadvantage from the start on, but you will have a tier advantage or some form of help in the form of forts, other bot ships or just downright completeing the objectives ASAP. So here is some general guidelines:


  1. Read the objectives that appear at the top right of your screen, especially the main one. Completing the main objective will at least garrentee a win, but if you want more £££ then complete the secondaries as well.
  2. even though bots are powered by skynet,  they will always spawn in the same place/same ships, and and roughly the same movement pattern towards you until further notice.
  3. DDs are usless in all ops except dynamo, as they have far too little HP and armor, guns often don’t do much  against ships and bots evade torps as soon as they are fired, making torps useless except in point blank ranges.
  4. Avoid bringing Nuremberg to any ops. It has far too little armor and explodes just by someone looking at it the wrong way.
  5. OPs are not PVP, so you need to be aggressive and make the plays that count, foucus fire on the same ship, don't camp, and if you have to, eat a torp meant for a convey ship.
  6. for the same reason, avoid camping in repair circles unless you absolutely have to go and repair.
  7. All OPs have friendly fire turned off.
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793 posts
2,080 battles

2. Defence of naval station newport



Highly recommended boats:

all ships that has good dpm, accurate guns up to long range, and reletively fast and agile. Also armor preferably at least 30mm on as much of the ship as possible to deal with izumo.


  1. fuso(27 reload, 12 guns, decent accuracy at long range, incremental armor scheme protects it decently vs izumo, decent speed at 25 knots)
  2. Bayern(armor makes it extremely resilient to damage from most sources when properly angled, 25mm overmatch, decent speed and agility, and a exellent secondary battery)


  1. Budonny(long range, good dpm, okay fire starting chance, Stalinium shells, torps for surprise ambushes at the end, okay armor for crusier, Russian bias accuracy)
  2. Dallas.(high dpm, good vs DDs, good fire starter, but mainly here for its ablility to have both DFAA and hydro)
  3. Pensacola( if you can aim straight and dodge well, 10 203mm freedom shells hurt a lot on most cruisers)

Boats not recommended in ops:


  1. New Mexico(slow, inaccurate, low rate of fire)
  2. West Virginia 1941 and Mutsu,( to a seiorus lack of defence vs 152mm IFHE spam and 410mm overmatch, but could be workable due to having massive guns for its tier, with mutsu having same gun size as izumo)


  1. Nürnberg(50mm armor is the only thing protecting the citadel from the outside world is all you need to know)
  2. Leander(very short range, also suffers from a serious lack of armor, anddue to bots charging the base, its AP only load out is also its downfall


, in here, there are 3 waves of ships, they will come from one of 3 flanks as indicated by the radar stations. The ships in each wave are the same each time.


1st wave:

cruiser: kuma, tenryu, chikuma, yubarri.


2nd wave:

DD: isokaze, T-22

cruiser: furutaka

BB: kaiser, isuzuchi


3rd wave:

DD: fubuki, gaede, hatsaurau


final wave(this spawns all at once on all flanks):

BB: izumo, baryen, 


How to play this op:

all ships need to set themselves up asap on the flank where the enemy spawns, hence the requirement for fast ships with good dpm. The ideal location is placing yourself around the boarder of the large green circle which represents the base. It is not recommended to move outside too far due to the position of the islands around the area which could make attempting to move to a new location harder or even end up getting surronded ad foucused fire to death, or campmfar back since it only serves to make hitting things harder. Plus, the bots appear to target the closest thing, and that includes forts, so let the forts gets shot first if you are in a crusier or BB without incremental armor.


foucus fire is the key here, the sooner a ship goes up in a fireball, the better, also a ship at 1hp is as dangerous as a ship at full hp, and they can still move.


foucus cruisers first when you can first see them, then DDs as soon as they appear. Leave the BBs for last, and try avoid being LOS of them for far too long. The game is often lost if a ship in a wave enters the green circle, it is technically winnable, but it often spawns all the remaining waves and the “boss” wave at the same time.


When you have successfully defeated the 3rd wave the boss wave the green circle disappears, and you would have completed the secondary objective which is “do not let any enemy ship enter the base zone”  by then you should start to retreat to the port. Still, it is best if you stay out there to get rid of the destroyers first before entering the repair ship circle, BBs should foucus on dealing heavy damage to the enemy cruisers which will be charging the base, which should be finished off by the crusiers as soon as possible. There will be 2 bbs, a baryen and a izumo. Destroying the izumo is one of the secondary objectives, hence the BB with the most amount of all round armor should become the bait to distract it,  and the rest of the team should amass every last bit of firepower on it. Do note that friendly fire in OPs is turned off, so fire all of the torps you can gather at the izumo, without worrying about friendly fire(of course torps hitting friendlies is still damage wasted). Once the izumo has gone down, you have basically won the game, and it’s cleanup time basically.

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