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【CHINA】The latest clan is recruiting members!

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Are you looking for a causal clan where you can work  for oil and benefits?

Are you looking for a clan where there isn't compulsory division battles or stuff like that?

Are you looking for a clan where you can chat and play with different people from different countrys?


If yes,congratulations to youYou are the only one who we are seeking for.


[CHINA] is a young clan created by chinese just few days ago,that means we can't offer you so much bonus like other big clans nowdays.

But don't worry about it,we believe only if we make our best efforts together.In coming future,we will become more and more famous beyond your imagine.


As you know,China is a friendly and ebullient country,so we welcome everyone from everywhere who wants to join us and share the game’s intrests with each other.If you are a good speaker of Engulish or Chinese,that’s great.If not,it’s no matter either.As loog as you are friendly and don’t say dirty words in channel,here will be your second family.


Our requirements is easy and simple:

You are a long-term player or have a great intrest in wows,that means you won’t stay offline for many days even without a single excuse.


Sodon't  hesitate any more,the rest of position is limited,join in now!


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