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Vanguard still has the wrong Dual-Purpose guns and the state of AA currently

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Hey there,


I didn't really comment much on this around the time Vanguard was released since the AA rework was close and her AA suite in the old system was still pretty good.

However Vanguard was never equipped with the standard 133mm /5.25" Mark I guns,  she had the much improved RP10 version which fixed pretty much all the major flaws of the earlier Mark I.

The RPM was increased from around 7 to 9 RPMs by conservative estimates (18 RPMs by the most optimistic), the new mount also doubled the train speed of the mount from 10 degrees per second to 20. However far more importantly these mounts were fully integrated into the GFCS Mk 37 on the ship with automatic fuse setting. Source: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_525-50_mk1.php


Now onto AA in general, from my experience thus far it seems top-tier carriers waltz all over bottom tier ships even worse than before compared to the old system, even with sector reinforcement the AA suite seems to barely distract any would be attackers without Def AA on. Are there any new rebalances on the way to address this?


Secondly, with all these new adjustable parameters for AA, I do not see Fire Control at all factored in to these values as far as I can tell. From what it seems a ship using good old Mk I eyeball optics for tracking aircraft seems to be just as effective as a ship using a fully integrated AA Radar Fire Control for managing its AA mounts. I think this is something worth taking a look at with values like accuracy being tweakable and so on

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