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Farewell my good old friend!

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Yesterday evening an era came to an end.


I wanted to play some quick matches with my freshly acquiered Montana and so i opened the launcher in eager anticipation. But my weary eyes were surprised to see yet another patch in the downlad queue. Nothing special i thought and waited patiently, while my trusty old potato pc was busy dealing with the new incoming data. Only 30 minutes later the old man was finally done with all the downloading/installing and i was ready to do battle again!


Or so i thought.


But to my surprise a little white pop up window appeared everytime i wanted to start the game. It were the magical words, which i had often encountered during the last years. Haunting words, which would destroy dreams of playing nice and updated games. It was the dreaded:


"Incompatible System"


message, that once again separeted me from a game i once loved. I was staring at the screen, blankly. Trying to comprehend the message and the dimension behind it. Then my view slowly crawled downwards, the eyes searching for the culprit to this horrendous message. And there he was. His fans screaming as loud as possible while trying to cool the antiquated hardware components. It was time. For too long  i had negated the obvious hints. The poor thing and its 32bit system were finally at the point of no return. 


I always said to myself: Dude you are a grown up, 30y old man. You will not invest money into this pc thing anymore. Playing the odd 10 games of WOWS a week isnt justifying the expense. But somehow i would miss it. Ranting at randoms, cursing WG for stupid decisions and in between sometimes enjoy the fun of blapping oblivious players. I am sorry my old friend but i think the time has come to go separate ways.


So there it is. One era has ended. But a new one will begin. The era of 64bit...oh what a bright new world!





Sidenote 1: Totally unnecessay thread^^

Sidenote 2: But its offtopic so what:Smile_trollface:

Sidenote 3: Condolences are appreciated!

Sidenote 4: No i cant update the OS. The hardware is just to shitty:Smile_hiding:

Sidenote 5: Yay i can finally start playing all these steam games that i bought and didnt check for 32 bit compatibiliy (Looking at you subnautica!):fish_cute_2:

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