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Hello, I wanted to ask for help regarding a coupon that I received and that allows you to receive a "200% refund of the value in doubloons of any purchase in the premium shop" so it is clear to me that buying a ship worth 18,86 € then of 4,700 doubloons would then receive 9,400. My question is if this coupon can also be applied to the store purchase of a package of 5,500 in order to arrive then to have 11,000?

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All of the details should be on the coupon. If you go to the premium shop there is a link at the top that says My Coupons which should have the details.


If it is still unclear then you can begin the process of buying whatever you are interested in and you will see whether you can apply the coupon or not before you select a payment method (if I recall correctly).


Otherwise, your question might be best directed to customer support.

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