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Graphic Settings guide available?

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Is there a guide somewhere which explains what each of the graphic settings options do?


I'm trying to improve performance but I don't understand what each option does/doesn't do so I'm pretty much stumbling around in the dark.


Did a search on the forum for 'graphics settings guide' but 6 pages in and no post seems to be what I'm looking for....

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No, but most are pretty self explanatory... The ones that aren't:

  • Antialiasing: Smoothes edges
  • LOD: Level of detail
  • Vertical synchronisation: Locks FPS to your maximum monitor refresh rate and eliminates screen tearing.
  • Triple buffering: Preloads the next frame and makes the game appear smoother
  • Animate small objects: Animates stuff like planes


The ones most affecting your performance would be:

  • Resolution
  • Antialiasing
  • Texture quality
  • Shadow quality
  • Foliage quality
  • Terrain LOD
  • Reflections


Edit: Actually there are a few videos up there....try youtube

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