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Crowns to florins?

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How is this done? Don't get an automatic conversion offered at arsenal when trying to buy the carrier bundles and can't find manual options anywhere either.

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I believe this facility will be added in the final week of the event

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You can't, At currently. The entire event is a bit of a joke to be honest.


The entire process is just designed to frustrate and encourage purchase.

> The mission rewards are given out in such a manner you will always be just a couple of the currency short to obtain one of the vessels (I.e for Hermes, You will have 49 crowns instead of the required 50, Meaning you have to do more missions)

> The only way to currently get more crowns (As there are not actually enough given out to earn all 3 ships in all of the missions) is to convert Doubloons at a rate of 2000 > 50 (awful)

> The Supply drop containers in the store, are sold in such a manner you will always be short (If you havent grinded any missions), Either forcing you to play more missions, or to purchase more.


I think, You should be able to convert them at the end of the event, but, not until they have milked as much as the playerbase as physically possible.


Incase anyone is curious. If you buy supply drops to fund all 3 of the CV's, And also convert Doubloons to pay for all the crowns, You're literally going to pay almost 3x real money as you would just converting free xp and getting them on release day. Hermes is garbage, Furious struggles, Only the Tier 8 is decent.


It seems as though this is literally just a ploy to get more people back into CV's which are scarce in the MM because noone wants to play the new crap system. And they've gone about it in the most time consuming, awful, pay to progress way i have ever seen. Lmao.

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