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How on earth does the rating system on Naval Battle work???

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Hi im just curius to how you calculate Clan Rating in Naval Battle..

take the leader board.. there are 4 clans with 251 in rating all with between 79 and 84 stars,,

we have 87 stars in HAWKS but a rating of 151, and we fought a hurricane team from asia currently rankd 5 on there server,, 

and we have other clans that have have 22 stars that allso have 151 in rating...

and take russian "TRUMP" they have Imfuckingpresive 123 stars, but a rating of 247.. 4 less than the top 4..

plz explain this system..

cause i lookd at clan number of members.. dosent mather it seems.. so i cant see how


Best Regards



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because reasons ((yeah i culdn't figure it either) but hey it's only the oil income that matters really.

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