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Enterprize AP bombs - help needed

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Hi all....i just spent 2 hours in training room bombing statinary bb with AP from Big E....and still do not know how to citadel ship...yes i get citadel every 10 drops but by accident.. I tried 3 approaches:


- low precize bombing - get most bounces but almost allways you get 3 pens and never got citadel

- bombing from 4 - 3 km - get some citdels but also much more misses

- high bombing over 6,5 + km - get most of citadels but alots of misses


so how to use it more consistent....?

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Know your targets and how to kill them.


For the most part E's AP bombs are worthless against same and higher tier BBs. The only ones really vulnerable are the German ones. NC and Amagi can take some citadels if you drop at max height but since the drop is so hilariously inaccurate it's usually better to attack those with TBs instead like everything else.

if you get to be top tier on the other hand most lower tier BBs are vulnerable.


Where E's AP bombs really excel in is :etc_swear:ing over cruisers. The higher tier ones you can attack pretty much as soon as the circle narrows down (assuming you don't maneuver). Ships with light deck armor (Nürnberg, Leander, etc.) require you to either go for a side drop or run the attack time down low.


Made a video on side drops here:




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