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Help with my Midway setup pls

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Hi Guys,


I have been looking around the web on best practices for the upgrades and new captains skills but didn't find much. So if any of you have a suggestion for the ships upgrades and captain skills, I would be very grateful!


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And other approach. Focus on concealment with some hp buffs for TiTs (Tiny Tims). Concealment mostly to make that floating city block of a Midway disappear at 12.5km, handy when you're not afraid to get closer and then flank collapses:Smile_smile:


Also 8.1km detection somewhat cut downs reaction time, though for surprise TB runs you're better with IJN still.

TiTs I find somehow more reliable both against DDs IF you give enough time to zero in and they can dent pretty much anything with their 68mm HE pen, they are also better firestarters than HVARs. Dive bombers are your bread and butter, even more so since which comes tomorrow and neuters Midway torpedo bombers

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