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A Different Solution to the CV Controversy

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DDs have always been the priority target, since they are the ones with the most influence to the outcome of a game. A skilled DD player can win against multiple opponents by simply not being seen. However, the concept of stealth becomes meaningless if one knows exactly where to look. Any questions, concerning DD  whereabouts, are swiftly answered by cap counters.  If they had a choice, players wouldn't dream of throwing away all the advantages of their DD but they have to. Skill is of as much importance as the ability to loiter in predefined areas. If only 3 players manage to sit in those areas for long enough, at the right time, they win against 10 without doing anything else.  Who could blame CVs for directing their aircraft to those vital areas ? They always did that - long before the rework - and they were more dangerous back then, having multiple squadrons at their disposal. Since carriers were more an exception than a rule, no one really cared. What makes people nervous is the sudden rise in CV population. Now they are the norm and DDs felt it first. No DD wants to be spotted, lose HP  or waste a smoke charge. No CV wants to risk planes by circling a small area and - with any luck - tickle a DD with next to useless rockets, while it could do some real work elsewhere. It's not what they both want, it's what the game forces them to do. If we could just do away with capture areas and replace them with sensible objectives, most of the present issues would be fixed. 

We could use supply drops, like in arm race but without pre-revealed areas and timers. Maybe just one cap, like WoT encounter / assault  Rescue shot down pilots while painting our smoke stacks purple and doing everyones laundry.  I'm sure there are a lot more ideas out there.


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