Dears,   I beg to differ. I want to learn how to play Destroyers. Yes, now, with all this CV rework thing going on. And to be honest every time I tried I failed miserably. Just look at my stats. Absolute (well almost absolute) failure.   Question: Which Nation and for what reason?   Tips and advise as always welcome.   Regards, Saltface   P.S. As during the festive period my kids trolled my badly. I received a ton of loot boxes as Christmas gifts. I also got many of the researchable ones when that event took place a few months ago and WG was giving away researchable ships. So, I have a rather big (unused) collection of Destroyers moored in my port. IJN - Umicaze, Kamikaze, Hatsuharu, Asashio USN - Monaghan, Sims, Kidd SN - Gremyashchy, Okhotnik, Leningrad KM - T-61, Z39 RN - Icarus, Gallant PN - Blyskwica PA - Longjiang, Anshan, Loyang MF - Aigle, Le Terrible CW - Haida   Black Jack of Destroyers. Would any of them be a good learning ship?