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CV Rework ideas on how to improve the game experience of all players

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yes i know its another one about the cv rework, but as i experienced that all stuff you post in existing topics just gets overhelmed by the huge amount of spam, so i will make this my own thing. I played like 500 games since the rework in all classes (cruisers only very little as i have them all on t10 already). So just lets get started. I will not speak about the problems so much but more about solutions which are easy to implement. I know from streams and youtube WG hates some of the ideas, but still i want to put some pressure on them, as the game as it is right now is hardly fun.




-  remove rpf from planes | not many cv players take the skill but against dds its to powerfull, not in a match deciding factor as you have to sacrifice 4 points but just to destroy dds gameplay totally for one game.


- give control over the cv by arrows on the keyboard | i know "nope" but reducing speed, reversing and turning is just essential to a ship, and yes i know consoles dont have arrow keys!


- improve secondaries on all cvs to fight off dds (range and acc) | this will come close with nerving the effectiveness of cvs versus dds (rocket planes and dbs)


- implement a 30 - 45 secs delay when the game started to get your planes ready | getting killed in your own spawn is just super frustrating



- Reduce air detection of all ships by 10% | this will help all classes, dds will not get perfectly dropped by rocket planes as they can not get the perfect sized drop cricle, cruisers will be not spotted that early and for bbs it will make it harder for the cv to spot all team in the beginning. This should change should not include wursta and mino as they both hit you so hard as soon as the flak starts so you should not be lured into its aa before you cant avoid it anymore.


- disable spotting for fighters except for guns shooting or aa working on the fighters | pretty easy one, fighters spot to much. This change will still enable the cv to spot the ships hiding behind an island and spamming at other ships but it will prevent permaspotting of dds or caps


- reduce air detection of cvs | an easy one as well, cvs are much to fragile to get permaspotted by planes, they cant control their ship


- enable when close range aa opens up in smoke the ship gets spotted | i know this was already "nope" by wg and i m not sure about how it will turns out but i really think forcing strong aa shipst to think about if they want to shoot down planes or stay undetected would give the game much more depth


- allow cvs to see ships in reduced visibility when they have their aa off (cyclone and this round thing) | i dont think this is working as intended right now


F- key

- bring back the f key as it was before but force the player who used it to get a 30 - 45 secs delay on the same plane type. | this will prevent players just to throw torp bomber over a mountain but will stop planes which would be safe get killed by stupid ai flying into a mino on the return.


- after a full squad wipe add a 30 - 45 secs delay to the planes wiped



- nerv aa on bbs | especially on ships which are not ment to have good aa ( germans, and battlecruisers like stalin!!!!!), but as well on the frenchies and british ones. BBs should not be untouchable for a cv even going alone, they should be an easy target as it is ment to be! Further this forces all cvs to go for dds and cruisers which for me is just not working as intended


- improve short range aa on dds but nerv long range aa (strong aa within air spotting range) | give dds the ability to defend themselves but not become no fly zones


- improve aa range and effectiveness on cruisers | i hope this will prevent the big clusters of bbs sitting next to the cv


- def aa should panic planes again but not increase continous damage | this will make def aa much more a teamplayer instead of just destroying cvs squad. In the current state the cruiser shoots down planes but the cv gets its drop off , so both are annoyed. After one minute the cv returnes and the cruiser is even more annoyed. So the current system just kills the fun for all.


- make def aa charges infinently, premium will reduce cooldown, give atlanta no cooldown


Annoying stuff

- reduce attack waves | i know the super game designer is very proud about the idea of multible attack waves BUT, for low aa targets it becomes just an endless harrassment, when up to 6 waves of torp bombers or 4 waves of rocket planes are not stopping to attack and for cvs its just super unfun to sacrifice all planes to get one attack over a mountain.


- reduce damage of HE bombs to dds. | Skilled cv players can almost one shot a dd with DB which i think is not working as intended, same for the UK bombs, they look very easy to use and deal huge amount of damage to dds. (talking about skilled cv players vs non skilled) ;)


- balance damage from rockets | sometimes rockets do almost 20k damage to bbs or >7k to dds while other cvs cant even do 2k to dds and only slight damage to bbs. This really should be balanced as rockets are just to universal to be not balanced in the lines.


- increase damage from ap bombs | ap bombs are just super useless, you get 10k? damage on a bb while all your planes get killed. This should be really balanced so damage done or survivablity is increased. This should not end like AP bombs killing cruisers in one shot!!!!!!!!!!!


- look at xp and credit factors of cvs 



- reduce activation time | you can boost just through a fighter which is placed in front of you


- reduce time to aquire a target | same as above, they should already work when the first attack comes in.


- increase aquvisition range | crircles are just to small 150% should look nice (i know wg "nope")


- increase damage and speed | when you get an enemy into your fighters he really should pay for it so not even the F key should not rescue the squad


- provide more charges or give every line only one plane type which can call fighters but you will have endless charges


- when a counter fighter gets dropped half of the fighters will delay the counter half of them will continue killing attack planes and follow them, with half damage



Reading it again gives me the impression i really hate bbs :D, but in the current meta they are just to strong and the only one who do not suffer from the contious spotting meta. still they camp even harder or just suicide yolo into a cap when the dd plays safe.  I think this is less connected to the cv but to island he spammers getting continous intel while countering all plane spotting with their aa which i m still working out how to counter.


I really would appreciate your thoughts on this and find anybroken stuff without putting to much hate at me


Best regards nico








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Some thoughts:

just allow cv to be manually controlled in some way or form, or having a plane circling temporarily at the spot by pressing a key to swap back to cv.


I agree on the part that there should be a delay befor you can launch anything at the start of the game, similar to old cvs.


Don't think that cvs need better air detection and secondaries(certain cvs do have good secondaries like Kaga and Graf, or you can spec into secondaries for regular cvs and still get something out of it if you are mad enough), but I do agree on a slight general reduction of all ships’ air detection, although knowing WG they will use a sledgehammer and do it by 50% :cap_book:, so no.


Current recall planes system is fine, but what is not fine is planes which has dropped their ordinance still take damage from AA, but you can’t do balls to prevent it.


AA power certainly needs to be adjusted for certain ships, but we are still in the “open testing” phase anyway.


i do agree that DFAA should be messing up drop patterns instead of dealing more dmg, one other option is to increase flak frequency so the cv player has to manuvure much more and cause the reticle to widen.


The acttack waves is more of a quetion of alpha vs DOT, so I leave that for now.


Dropping a bomb on a DD’s head is a skill in itself, so leave it.


Rockets are definitely something needs to be looked at, and AP bombs for IJN,(just let IJN decide between HE bombs and AP bombs)


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More or less i said 5 days ago, i have to agree. But imho i would just remove rockets planes and buff back tbs, so that very skilled player can hit them with tbs, and dds dont get pooped on the entire match by rockets planes

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Just give back player controllable air supriority fighters. Worked well in RTS to keep other aircrafts effectiveness in check, will work very well now too.


You can scrap the whole list if those fighters were returned. It is the base of all balance when you include CV.

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17 minutes ago, Beastofwar said:

Just give back player controllable air supriority fighters. Worked well in RTS to keep other aircrafts effectiveness in check, will work very well now too.


You can scrap the whole list if those fighters were returned. It is the base of all balance when you include CV.

they will not do this... skill gap

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