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[ALL] WOWS Unpack Tool: unpack game client resources

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Greetings, all!


WoWs Upack Tool (referred below as the program) is used not only to interact with console utility program wowsunpack.exe used to unpack in game resources (referred below as the utility) but also has a list of its own functionalities that can assist our respected modders in their work. WoWs Upack Tool is compatible with Steam version of the game.



Program installation:

  1. Download the program
  2. Program should be put directly into the root game folder. i.e. C:\Games\World_of_Warships
  3. Notice, that in the files address no other letter symbols that Latin alphabet is allowed


Working with the program:

  1. Launch the program. It’ll be automatically checked for available updates. If the utility is not located on the drive, or if there are updates available, the program will offer to install required updates.
  2. Then you need to download the lists of packed content by the according button “Download content”.
  3. After downloading the content tree, you can select the necessary files and folders and add them to the list of tasks of the unpack utility. Adding can be done by pressing the ">>" key or dragging an item from the content tree to the unpacking list.
  4. You can add additional file locations by «+» button or by pasting the file address by Ctrl+V.
  5. After you’ve chosen the required file, press “Unpack” and wait for the unpacking process is finished



Program settings and functions:



You can choose additional program functions via “Settings” button in the main program window. Below is the description of the option in the list:

  1. Program language – currently available ones are English and Russian. If you need another language added, please DM me.
  2. If chosen, at the program launch it’ll automatically download the list of packed content. It’s not recommended to choose this option at the same time as the option 3.1
  3. If chosen, allows to save the last used list of content for unpacking. When launched next time, the program will use this path automatically.
    1. If chosen, automatically starts unpacking the files in the save location. It’s not recommended to choose this option at the same time as the option 2
  4. If chosen, opens the files folder after the unpacking process is done
  5. If chosen, the program will automatically check for updates after launch. This option can be chosen by “Information” window via according button. Checking for updates will also consider the game client version – to not update the update the app when your game client version is not the same as server unpacking tool (i.e. they are incompatible)
    1. If chosen the program will save the reserve copies of the updates apps.
  6. If chosen, allows to set the custom paths to the files to unpack. By default, the program searches for the files in the root game folder.
  7. This option is useful when within the folder content there are previously unpacked game client files – for example, if we want to know which files of 0.7.12 had been changed in version 0.8.0. Files that stayed the same will be skipped, while new or changed ones will be saved in the folder. The names of such new or changed files will be shown after the unpack – green for new, black for changed. By left click you can open the folder for these files.
    1. After unpacking new or changed file, the previous version of the file will be saved as back file (i.e. reserve copy) prior to the replace into the folder
    2. Set additional custom folder for comparing the unpacked files. The files in this folder are considered to be the newer ones. Option can be set by right-clicking on the “Unpack” button in main program window.


Info dialogue window:


Window can be opened by clicking “I” in the main program menu (next to “minimize”) and shows the current version of the program and utility, based on the folder path to the unpacked content. Currently the version of both program and utility are This window also contains the links to checking the new version and to the forum.



Key binding:


In program standby mode:

  • Ctrl + S – upload content;
  • Ctrl + U – unpack the selected content;
  • Ctrl + F – open the dialogue for search within the folder tree of selected content;
  • Ctrl + С – copy the content of the unpack window;
  • Ctrl + V – paste the selected content into the unpacking list window;
  • Ctrl + X – close the program;

When unpacking or uploading content:

  • Ctrl + С – cancel the process of unpacking or uploading.


Working with wowsunpack.exe utility via console command lines (just in case):


wowsunpack.exe [-h] [-l] [-x] [-o OUTPUT] [-I INCLUDE] [-X EXCLUDE]


Optional arguments:

-h, --help          help

-l, --list              show as a list

-x, --extract      unpack

-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT

                         Folder where to unpack.


                         Files that are added to the process


                         Files that are excluded from the process


Show the list of _packages files:

        wowsunpack.exe -l res_packages

Save the list of res_packages as a list txt:

        wowsunpack.exe -l res_packages > list.txt

Unpack all the content into the default folder:

        wowsunpack.exe -x res_packages

Unpack all the content into the “my_unpack" folder:

        wowsunpack.exe -x res_packages -o my_unpack

Unpack *.swf files only:

        wowsunpack.exe -x -I *.swf res_packages

Unpack *.swf files only except for main_scene.swf:

        wowsunpack.exe -x -I *.swf -X *main_scene* res_packages



WOWS Unpack Tool program - AutoSpy
wowsunpack.exe utility - Wargaming.net


Submit your comments and suggestions in this thread – will try to answer all the questions regarding the program.


Good luck with modding!

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