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Info: "World of Warships Fitting Tool" is updated for WoWs v0.8.0.2 (and rewritten)!

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Hi all,


Info: "World of Warships Fitting Tool" is updated for WoWs v0.8.0.2 (and rewritten)!


"World of Warships Fitting Tool"



Info from author:




  • Server reworked from scratch (details below).

  • UI changed to show/hide wanted/unwanted stats, with some default shown stats.

  • CV added back in. Hurray?

  • Concealment auto calculated with -3% bonus if a ship can use camouflage.

  • Ship fittings' URL simplified. Supports legacy URL though (somewhat? Haven't tested all of them).

  • Added detailed tooltips to upgrades/skills/consumables.

  • Ship Comparison removed (details below).

  • Minimum xp calculator removed until further notice (details below).


Future Implementation

  • Flags. It should now be possible to categorize and add them back in.

  • More languages if possible (no politics please).


Extra Notes


Long story short I tried to add multi-language support last year due to some demand. Turns out WG API doesn't provide Korean language support so I asked WG Korea branch about it. Only reply I got was 'we don't have permission and that's not our job'. Well the branch is infamous here for being ****************** (lots of censorship just in case), so I decided to find if there're other ways of implementing it, just that I got busy after a while.


I was given some break from company projects late December due to being overworked (my job being backend architecture/design with logics/algorithms/database/flow/etc., development and maintainance, but for 4 projects past 2 years with over 90% of backend done by myself). So I took some break and started on the renewal on 31st Jan until today for average 12 hours a day. However that meant reworking on 2+ years' worth of stuff so it took way longer than expected, not to mention I'm not used to UI implementation because I rarely do them, so it was taking longer and longer. In the end I decided to slash some hard to maintain features, remove non-priority stuff and focus on server rework and ship fitting itself first.


Some features will be added back when I finish on them, but some I'll have to think whether to add back in or not


Source (Redit): "[WoWSFT] Rework and Update"



Leo "Apollo11"

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