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VNF is our second clan to FNV and is focused on casual, fun gaming rather than competitive play. 


Who are we?

Verba Non Facta was founded by a group of players who wanted an active group of players to enjoy World of Warships with.  We have since grown and are now trying to build a large community of players who share our love of this game.


Do I fit the bill?

Joining a clan can be intimidating for many new players if you are unsure of anything just send us a message and we can have a chat about any queries you may have. There are a few requirements listed below, these requirements are not strict and are not 100% required if you fall just below these standards don't worry character means more to us than numbers. 


[-VNF] Verba Non Facta

For random battles and casual play

  • English Speaking
  • Use Discord, and own, or will soon own, a mic
  • Have a 51% Winrate and 1,100 PR
  • Be an active player
  • Be mature.  We don't care about your age so long as you can take a joke.


How do I join?

Join our discord https://discord.gg/vf9K5fc. Have a chat and get involved with the other clan members all are welcome.


Or message one our commanders:


Ingame/forum: Callis557, Kyoshi_Warrior_Suki, IlIustrious

Discord: Callis, Suki Suki only five dollas, Illustrious (Nelson)               

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