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The EuroFighters are here

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[EUROF] welcomes applications on the EU server
We are a new Clan on European Server, Semi Casual or Semi Competitive , we want to join Clan Wars, Kings of the Sea, etc and we need more people to do it.
We value a lot the fun and the good mood, after all this is a game

Minimum criteria for applications is:-
•    In the last year play 1500 or more battles (EU server)
•    Average Experience per battle is over 1000
•    At least 1 x Tier 10 ship (or a Tier 9 that’s close to upgrading) 
•    A commitment to make 80 Oil per week for the clan.
•    English speaking is mandatory. Read and write English is ideal.
•    The use of DISCORD for clan and in-game voice communications is mandatory and be active there.
•    Your in-game name and DISCORD name are the same or very similar. 

The process….
Simply contact us in-game or in Discord. 
Initially you may be invited to the clan (on a probationary basis), to play some games will us, so we can get to know you and see how you play. After a short period (about 2 or 3 days), successful applications will be fully invited to the clan. 

Thanks for considering us. 

RevelAndQuaff CO
Naked_bird XO
JPalaio (Recruiter)

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