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the sunken ship patch 8.0

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1-  at this moment the server is full of people who do not have the faintest idea of what a warship.


2  -  2 aircraft carriers on each side is the ridiculous thing you could do.


3 -   aircraft that after 3 seconds are already on the cap were not even F22 ... ridiculous


4 -  a simple gearing that with a skill on the captain and 2 small measures can vaporize any plane (40-60 airplanes) in a random ...... ridiculous .


5 -  as if it were not enough an aircraft carrier that 6.1 planes (concealment) sight anything in this game without being discovered and can use torpedoes always in concealment !!!! with 50 knots of speed !!! of course I'm talking about the hakuryo. I would say once again ridiculous !!!!


6 -  now having in mind to change the radar, because you think the problem at the moment are the radar ?? !! ??? to be able to let the destroyers play ??? !!! I would not carry them totally wrong as a type of gameplay ??? !!! right !! ??? 



7 -  the seventh problem of this patch that I think will be 'the end of this game write it ....... wishes WARGAMING.




sorry for my bad english.







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