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So as it's quite obvious many ships have pretty much like 5 -  6km range (apart from few exceptions). However it is still shooting much further away if it's shooting to a retreating squadron. Recently I had few battles on my Shokaku and after I performed an airstrike on a target (F. Der Grosse) While I was retreating from his AA zone which is around 5.2km he managed to shoot them as far as 7 or 8 km. I think that should get fixed so AA can reach only as far as maximum AA range for a ship.

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Flak targets you in a way that always leaves the same time for you to react. Naturally that means the faster you go, the further forward flak is going to spawn. If you go slow on the other hand it will spawn much closer.

Basically AA range tells you when flak will start/stop shooting at you, not what the max range of said flak actually is. Technically flak range is unlimited as it is entirely dependent on the speed you're going. That's not a bug, that's simply the way flak is designed.

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