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[SD-7] Looking for active mates for a non-competitive and fun experience!

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SD-7 (S.H.A.D.O.W. 7th Pacific Fleet "The Espada") is searching for you!


Do you like to play World of Warships? Do you like to play World of Warships with others? Do you like to play World of Warships with a fun but mature group? Then SD-7 is looking for you!

SD-7 is all about fun in the game; we do not enforce any join requirements, however we do have the policy that if one goes offline for more than 30 days he/she has to inform the flagstaff beforehand so we won't exclude you after we're full and making space for more active folks.

Our primary focusses:

* PvE Operations with tactics.
* Divisions in Co-Op, Random & Ranked Sprint Battles.

* Helping new, starting players get around the game much easier.
* Providing a fun-only clan with active mates and no stat-walls to meet.

* Last but definitly not least: FUN!


Our secondary focus:

* As soon as we have enough mates that are willing to participate in Clan Battles within SD-7, we will set up an "internal team" comprised of the players that want to play Clan Battles. Participating does not require any stats, but does require you to join our Discord server, understand basic English common sense, and certain activity will be expected from you. The players that are not interested in participating in our team won't have to do anything, and can simply ignore this and play on within SD-7.


If you're interested, contact founder RADM "Sirion_" (me), or commanding officer RDML "GaCommanderGice" for more intel if you require so. Otherwise, simply apply for membership in-game. We'll accept anyone as long as we've got free space!

90047548_S.H.A.D.O.W.Logov1Camo.jpg.21811c4887fe6c6b1b01635299fd2475.jpg"Remain sane, follow the vane."

~ Sirion


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Indeed, if your looking for fun and bonusses while playing join :).


The more people in our clan the more fun. 


Greetings GCG :)

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