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This isn't even funny anymore...

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So, I haven't played the game for a few days (really lost the interest since 0.8.0)…. 

But thought to give it a try a few minutes ago....

When I logged in I noticed only 5 of the clan members were online....

So I wanted to check on the clan tab when some of the other members had played the game for the last time....

To my surprise, clicking the tab didn't bring on the usual clan stats but opened the WoWs web page instead?!

(pls note the orange DOWNLOAD GAME button on the right.... hey, I am already in the [edited]game!!!)



I tried several times, but the outcome was the same...

So I figured: hey, maybe this is something they changed in the meantime with one of the hotfixes? (hope dies last)

And so decided to check the news on the Game Center....

The latest one on game updates was Update Hotfix dated Feb 6th:



But clicking on it gave me news on the Hotfix dated Feb 11th instead:



Now, this isn't about the game balance and mechanics since 0.8.0 no more.... 

This is now about a completely broken game which is not even functioning properly anymore...

And like said in the topic, it ain't even funny anymore...

So I will definitely take a (long) break from the game.... because right now it seems as if someone is deliberately trying to kill it.... and I ain't planning on being a part of someone's bad practical joke at all....

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Clan functionality works fine for me.


Do you have any old mods installed that might interfere (though I'd have no idea how they'd interfere with hyperlinks)?

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