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Armada 2.0: HMS Vanguard

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While I absolutely love the vanguard, that asking price is a bit much.  :-( 


If you'll have it for sale at 50% or with a 10 point captain for 75% of current price, I'd be inclined to buy it. 



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Vanguard - simply can't recommend this thing to anyone except the most ardent collector or Anglophile. 


It's basically an uptiered Hood with all the fun bits removed, but retaining the tragic dispersion. Meh range, meh AP, low Fire (for Brit), poor gun arcs, and meh heal.


I've had it a while now, and have been trying to enjoy it, but it lacks any meaningful strength against her in-tier competition. 


There's a slight element of challenge in trying to make it work

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This is from the other Vanguard thread but I feel it should be posted again. My review of it:


Vanguard is a beautiful looking ship and that's about all the positives. Ok I guess she handles well, almost Cruiser like and has fast turret rotation along with RN enhanced healing.


EVERYTHING else about the ship is simply bad. 4x2 15" guns at T8 is weak, even with a faster reload they do not penetrate all that well. Sure you can target Cruisers and punish them but what BB with AP can't do that anyway? Cruiser punishing ability is hardly unique for a BB.


The armour pattern is horrible, the citadel is raised and the ship itself isn't amazingly armoured. Every BB in game should have a raised citadel in order to promote more thoughtful game play but instead you hide this behind a pay wall. 


Now the main issue, the firing angles for the Vanguard are simply rubbish. If you want to fire all 8 guns you are simply not protected enough with your angle. Other BBs will heavily punish you when you try and work those rear turrets into the fight. Sure, the ship is meant to use the rudder more and you fire the guns in pairs rather than the entire lot in one go but that's an awful lot of work for something that is less effective than pretty much all other BB at the same tier. 


Don't even mention being in higher tier MM. The ships in tiers above you will utterly punish you with only your concealment as any sort of defence but at some point you're going to have to fire back and you'll find the ship lacking. Guns are very accurate but they need to be since the platform is so pathetically weak.


All the above makes Vanguard a very poor choice of T8 BB, whether Premium or otherwise. If you want a good T8 BB then grind a North Carolina or Amagi, put Permanent camo on them if you want and enjoy a superior Battleship experience. Both have hard hitting 16" guns and decent armour without costing you a penny if you wish. They will give you far more potential in game and will reward you too.


Cannot say enough how bad Vanguard is and believe me I've wanted to love the ship. I've played Warspite to death and Hood is one of my current favourites. Vanguard needs tweaks (buffs) before anyone else goes near the Prem shop with the intention of buying one.

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