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Ok so let s start my second post i gues in all my years i play this game, so first of all i play all type of ships and i have to say somthing about all:

1: Battle ships: in this time bb was the most ussles stuff in the game, why? because all cruisers can farm you at 17-18km easy because aim on bb was like from 12 montana shells you will be able to hit like 5(3 dings, 1 over pen and 1 pen) and all will do 1350 damage (over pen damage) because yea why not? bb was to slow to be able to run and cruisers do to much fire+ damage(ok do damage 10k per salvo but dont put 2-3 fire on me with full build vs fire ok? thx wargaming) and yea henri was *balance* with the heavy guns and 10 second reloads? oh yea almost forgot reload boost very good when you see a yamato full broad side and do 30k per salvo to him.

2: in this game only 2 cruisers need skill to be played, if you wana know what was, the answer was easy: des moines who can do damage only behind island (yea camp like a noob. how bb players say) and minotaur who can have chance only with smoke (and yea alot of players know how to shot in smoke no? ) and with radar was hard to play for a normal players. other cruisers was unbalance why? because zao can torps undetected, hinden (all bb players know how nice was when do a salvo to a full broadside hinden and do 4-6-8 over pens), henri i say upper what was the bigger problem with him oh and yea engine boost ? really to make a drag ship ? ok yea balance what i know no? worcester again a op cruiser, why? troll armor(only republique can do somthing vs him) other was like 25% chance to do somthing to him and he will do alot of damage to all bb easy. need to say somthing about russian cruisers? neee to *BALANCE* for the game have like 20k+ more than others cruisers but hey was ok.

3: dds very balance now when bb can t punish kids who rush a bb with dd because yea (need skill to rush not to play smart) and i will put 2 photo down to see how much damage do a harugumo to me(only from 1 smoke) and how much damage i do to him (when i see him with ap/he) but hey was ok when you have 5.6km concealment and 15 torps all the time on the game (but hey you need to what to reaload, yea bb need to reload in port no? ) all know how op was some dds (oh w8 they are undercover cruisers) (harugumo, and the russians dds) 

4: cv, ok was a good class i like the new game play but now after nerfs (we all know what type of players cry about them (dds players if you dont know :) ) ) only the very very good players will be able to do some damage (not like old cv where you really need skill to do damage and keep your planes) now yea with infinite plane was a + for non skilled players.

Ok so if you dont wana buff armor on bb atleast make your bb to powerfull to be able to destroy all ships (i see you like to do that) (sorry for my english, btw i gues you know what i wana say) 

And yea i w8 for ban again because i told the truth (and i comment about your beutifull ships who never exist) and i w8 to see the argg of wargaming like the one at dd ap (montana with 12 shells do 16.500 damage to a dd, all in this game know you will never do 12 hits to a bb at 5 km but a dd? =)) )



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