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how i would change the cv-ships interaction

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how I would change the CVS


This is ofc my personal opinion that I would like to share with you. I was one of the “CVS superunicum” who wg tried to kill off with this update, even though I played CVS since they were introduced in alpha, back in the days where the top tier cv was Essex at tier 10, and the air supremacy skill added 3 DBS and 2 fighters.



changes that help surface ship:



-as it was before, and as it is for every ship in the game, at the start of the game, planes need “reloading” (servicing) before taking off. I would say around 60-to -90 secs servicing time. In this way surface ships have that 90 to- 120 secs window at the start of the game of clear sky, so they can position and dds can get near the cap without getting spotted in the first 30 secs of the game, ruining their game. This will also have a good side effect for CVS, especially the potatoes: you will see a lot fewer idiots CVS not moving and don’t follow the fleet and dying stupidly, as they don’t have anything else to do.

        I can already hear you say: but it would be boring for the CVS, yes as it is boring for a bb to wait 30-35 secs before his guns reload, or a dd that have to wait 2 min before his torps reload at the start of the game. In the first 2 min in the game, everyone is basically “happy sailing” around. Ofc this servicing time           would be only at the start of the game



- change to the rockets planes, I thought about a few alternatives:


1) rockets planes squad become a consumable, or rather, you have a limited amount of squadrons attacks; let’s say you can do 4-5  squadron runs per game with rockets (so around 15-20 attacks runs) so CVS can’t poop on dds the entire game. This is ofc heavily tweakable


2) reduce the air spotting of dds ( something that I don’t like to change very much) so you have to do a spotting pass to find the dd, then do a u-turn and doing a “blind” attack run start while doing last minute correction at the end of the attack when the dds get spotted again


3) make so that there is a delay   between the time you drop your ordinance and the time  the rockets hits the dds ( or rather increase the time it takes the rockets to connect with the target), maybe you can make a cool animation were the rockets drop from the plane and then after a set amount of times their rocket engine start. In this way, the dds have some way of limiting the damage they take from rockets


4) remove them altogether

1to3 could be mixed


-maybe put a servicing time for all planes like in the old RTS ( ofc a way shorter one, like 15-20 secs) so you can’t spam the same amount of plane all match long




Changes to help the CVS:


-cut the aa power in half or thereabouts, right now playing with anything else than midway ( that basically poops HVAR on dds all the game long) is suicide, unfun and unrewarding, my riju planes get swatted by Dallas and Kongo aa’s ( and I’m not taking any flack) like there is no tomorrow, even in the aegis mission 2 furutaka grouped up nuke my planes left right and center. And I’m not even talking about when tier 6 get into tier 8 mm or a tier 8 in tier 10mm.


-make so that the long-range aa don’t deal continuous damage, also medium range aa shouldn’t do dps damage. What I would do, that would make the game looks better, more realistic and more enjoyable to play :

        - leave the long-range aura as it is, with “few” big explosions that deal massive damage but can be completely avoided

          -leave the short range as dps ( but toning down the current insane values)

         -make the medium range aa a crapton of small burst that deals little-medium damage, that you can somewhat avoid, or rather limit his destruction potential with maneuvering, but you can’t completely avoid, especially during the last moments when you are lining up your drop. It has to be something that damages your planes a bit if you can avoid them ( like some shrapnel hitting the plane) but it shred them if you fly in a straight line ( like a 40mm Bofors would do).


-lower the time planes need to get to their “immunity altitude”, right now recalling a squadron means it will get wiped out. Or at least change it in a way that: planes who dropped their ordinance climb faster than the ones who didn’t ( change the empty planes to 8.0 values and the full ones to something between 8.02 and 8.0)


- same as above for returning planes speed, it has to happen faster, especially for empty planes


- give a bit more alpha strike to the CVS in general? Please wg? As a refound of losing strike power on dds? or a bit faster aiming on tbs in general.




-fix the camera on DBS drops, sometimes you can’t see where are you aiming, and fix the aiming in general that sometimes is way off the real drop point


-give us the possibility to disable the ability to aim with the mouse, I find it extremely annoying and botched some drops for that.


-carrier vs carrier: if you are in the last 3 people of your team, the enemy carries has to have a way to strike you. It’s annoying that  I can’t strike the enemy carrier when he is the last of his team.


I would also suggest a change for the infamous “stealth drop” tbs of the haku: make them more extreme/rewarding:

-give them back the 50 knots speed and the very fast aiming time with narrow spread

-increase their range to 10 kms

-increase the attack run from 4 ( 3 now) to 6 planes, so you do 2 drops total with 12 planes

-decrease the concealment of the planes to 5kms ( with full concealment build)

How to make them not op and rewarding?

-give them 4-4.5 km of arming distance, so you HAVE to do a stealth run, and you have to be very good at predicting an enemy, but if you manage to pull it off and the enemy is potatoes enough to go straight-lining for all that time, you can be rewarded with up to 40k of damage. As it is for dds now, if you caught a bb straighlining for the entire time your torps are in the waters, they get deleted. The same should happen with the haku (maybe make the shokaku similar, but with only 4 torps), especially considering that you don’t have any lead indicator to give you the ballpark idea of were to fire them, so you have more damage potential than a dd ( faster drops than a dd torps reload), but you are also way less flexible and is way harder for your torps to lands tanks to your arming distance, speed of torps and lack of indicator.


thx if you arrived at the end of this, what do you think?







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I like some of this options and some not.


Servicing time at start of match is a good idea.

The idea with the rockets is not so good in my opinion. DD's already have a spot range of about only 3 km so i think its enough. When they forget to disable AA it's their own fault!

Lower the time planes need to get to their “immunity altitude” is a must in my eyes as atm all planes when you press F will be destroyed by AA.

More alpha and lower contineous strikes with one squadron is good. Will end in more fly time and less damage at all.

The AA must be adjusted down more, atm its still to heavy!

The changes about torps are dangerous as it can lead to some OP tactics again, so it must be looked carefully.

Direct control of CV is possible but i don't need it.

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